2586 - Die Sektorknospe
The Sector Bud
Wim Vandemaan

Texas, at the end of the 19th century AD. The gunslinger Piet Rawland is on his way with four other outlaws to El Paso to rob the bank there. Before the town the men meet an odd stranger who is fluttered about by butterflies. Rawland strikes up an acquaintance with him. The robbery fails catastrophically. It comes to a gunfight with the sheriff and his deputies. Rawland’s cohorts are shot, and he himself receives two hits in the chest. However, he finds himself neither in Heaven nor Hell, but in the company of the strange old man. He takes Rawland on a fantastic trip whose destination is the artificial world Wanderer. Rawland thereupon becomes an assistant of the supreintelligence ES. He does some jobs for the superintelligence; among others, he gets shot in 1976 by Perry Rhodan and after centuries which pass for him like a dream and in which his only company is a metal robot he calls Steambody, Rawland becomes qualified as the pilot of a sector bud. ES intends to pass the sector bud one day onto Perry Rhodan, but Rawland should serve as a substitute in the case of an emergency.

On May 9, 1463 NGE Perry Rhodan and Mondra Diamond arrive on Wanderer. They are directed by clues to a western town in which they meet Rawland. Piet challenges Rohdan to prove he is really himself, but Rhodan cannot instantly prove his identity to Rawland by means of his Knight’s aura, due to having given it up. He must solve the old riddle of how to kill Rawland, but he can no longer do it with Piet’s gun: He solves it by having Mondra shoot the gunslinger with his own colt. Rawland is not bothered by this; he is already accustomed to it, in the meantime. He is returned to life, as usual, and takes them aboard the sector bud. Rawland passes on the Mnemotic guide - a storage medium which plants foreign memories in the consciousness of its guest bearer. These are the memories of all the former helmsmen of the sector bud BATIOVREE.

Thus Rhodan and Mondra find out that the sector buds were created 9,870,000 years ago by the Anthurianers, in order to drive through Tryortan gullets and use them as transport media. The sector buds are offshoots of the Anthurian genotype. The genetic offshoot was armed biomechanically and "manned" with millions of small robots. Although the sector buds have their own consciousness, they always need a helmsman. He controls and steers the vast amounts of Psi matter which are stored in the sector bud and used for all sorts of purposes, but above all for the impulse organs. The Anthurianer Tataoparan was the first helmsman of BATIOVREE, and this was the first finished sector bud. It crossed a Tryortan gullet and put out Psi-matter probes. In this way he laid the foundation-stone for the Polyport network. After the rebellion of the Vatrox, ninety-five sector buds were transferred to Amringhar where they were in putative security, but fell later into the hands of the Kybb in the hands, were modified into Kybb-Taitans and utilized with the help of Tagg Kharzani. In the end, they were largely destroyed in the battle against the Terrans.

The sector bud recognizes Rhodan as authorized when he activates and seats his controller. The Terran wants to be content with the role of commander, while Rawland should become its helmsman. Upon his proposal the sector bud is christened with the name QUEEN OF SAINT LOUIS – in memory of an old dream of Rawland’s, to once pilot a paddle wheeler steamboat. Back in TALIN ANTHURESTA a transfer chimney is switched to the Stardust system. The first contingent of 3000 LFT BOXES, 1000 Fragment ships of the Posbis and 2000 Haluter ships are moved from Andromeda via FATICO to Anthuresta. 489 Krathvira containers are transported with them and brought to Wanderer where the Vamus of millins of Vatroxes and VATROX-CUUR are fed into ES. The superintelligence recovers a little and can speak with Rhodan. However, ES only repeats the known demand for the PARALOX-ARSENAL. Rhodan also sees Delorian shortly in the ice column that represents the dying ES...

Jerry Schneiderman 2013-06-24

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