2585 - Der Tanz der Vatrox
The Dance of the Vatrox
Frank Borsch

Vastrear tells his history… 9.79 million years ago, about thirty thousand years after the revolt against the Anthurianers , Vastrear is still a Frequency Candidate and has the task of recruiting the Voidular race for the Frequency Monarchy. Since defeating the Anthurianers, the Frequency Monarchy has been collecting Psi-matter and storing it in the PARALOX ARSENAL, in order to one day use it as the ultimate weapon against VATROX-VAMU. The enlisted races get access to the technology of the Frequency Monarchy and in exchange deliver them Psi-matter. Vastrear fulfills his task with the help of Equarma Inalter, whom he meets for the first time on the planet Voidur. In recognition of his work he becomes appointed a Frequency Follower. He falls in love with the Vatrox woman and meets her repeated as time goes on - interrupted by the long hibernation periods between the hyper depressions. Vastrear believes Equarma is working on Hibernation 5 on the creation of clones because there are fewer and fewer births occurring and more and more errors are appearing in the clone bodies. Another Frequency Follower, Expeput, eventually tells him otherwise. He alleges that Equarma belongs to a secret women's order and is planning a revolution.

Eventually Equarma dies again and is reborn in a clone body that is blind. Vastrear finds that their relationship has changed and the two become estranged from each other. Vastrear spies on her as she meets with other women who have similar disabilities. Equarma eventually confesses to him that she is a VAMU collector. She and the others like her are working against the entities at the head of the Frequency Monarchy in order to liberate the Vatrox race from their servitude. The women are eventually caught by Frequency Mediator Cedosmo, who condemns the conspirators to final death. He will ensure that their Vamus are lost and tissue samples destroyed, so that a rebirth is not possible. For Equarma, the ringleader, he has a special punishment prepared. Her VAMU is imprisoned in a small device he himself developed, called a Vamu prison. Vastrear instigates a plot to regain Equarma’s Vamu and she had provided him some cell material for the creation of a clone body. He is successful in recovering her Vamu prison and eliminating all witnesses. Only his inductive cell still knows the truth - until the next rebirth, when the cell will be destroyed.

With this, Vastrear’s retelling of his history ends and Sinnafoch has him secured in his accommodations. Suddenly an alarm is given. Thousands of Jaranoc ships are attacking Sinnafoch’s fleet around the TZA'HANATH...

Jerry Schneiderman 2013-06-07

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