2584 - Der Okrivar und das Schicksal
The Okrivar and Destiny
Frank Borsch

Sinnafoch and Vastrear and their companions Satwa , Kruuper , Bhustrin and Philip , who has become the carrier of a portion of VATROX-DAAG, are in TZA'HANATH. There the Okrivar chief scientist Durant has developed a technology that does not crack the Sextadim veil of the Stardust system, but can vibrate in such a manner so that all living things are burned in the area enclosed by the veil. He demonstrates this by means of some mortally wounded Darturkas. The development of units that would be able to do the same with the Stardust system will still take some time. Satwa has another proposal to make to bring the Terrans to their knees. Perry Rhodan should be made to surrender himself through the use of fire eyes against populated planets. They believe his death will destroy the morale of the Terrans. Kruuper is given the task of doing this. However, he instead sends the fire eyes into empty space, because having seen how the Darturkas were ruthlessly destroyed, and picturing the same fate occurring to Stardust humanity is the straw that breaks the camelís back for him.

The Okrivar wants to be freed from the Vatrox and instigates a complicated piece of intrigue. He turns to Vastrearís Battle Orderly Bhustrin, claiming that he wants to help him eliminate Sinnafoch because of his intention to kill Vastrear. He tells the reverse story to Sinnafoch. The Ator scientist Lashan plays an important role in Kruuperís plan. By order of Vastrear, Lashan is involved with the creation of a new Vatrox clone body. Vastrear has a special interest in the cloning of a woman named Equarma, who he once probably loved and hated. Kruuper brings Lashan to create an Equarma clone to attack all Vatrox that he sees. He sets things up so that both Vastrear and Sinnafoch are present at the presentation, and that both believe the other one wants to commit an assassination on the other at this event.

Just before the presentation Vastrear successfully defends the attack by Perry Rhodan on TZA'HANATH. Then the Equarma clone is awakened. The retort being upgraded with sharp claws immediately attacks Vastrear and Sinnafoch. Satwa, who is also present, is seriously wounded by the clone. Suddenly Kruuper tries to prevent the clone from killing Sinnafoch. The clone rips open Kruuperís suit. In this way the Okrivar reaches his goal: he escapes his tormentors by death. Sinnafoch who has thus lost his last confidant, surprises the clone and kills her. Then he bursts into tears and threatens to shoot Vastrear, who is mourning the death of Equarma.

Jerry Schneiderman 2013-05-26

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