2583 - Psi-Inferno
Arndt Ellmer

The net weaver Radyl-im-Abstraction carries the composite of MIKRU-JON and the silver sphere to the inside of TALIN ANTHURESTA with the help of another net weaver, who is already there. With the means of the silver ball they bring the JULES VERNE to safety. However, the Psi-storm is becoming more and more severe and in order to prevent the destruction of the Miracle of Anthuresta, the Psi-Material-Dispensers must be repaired. With the support of the crystal engineer Clun’stal and Julian Tifflor’s psionically gifted aide Tanio Ucuz, the Shadow-Maahk Pral is able to make contact with the Anthurianer Fogudare, who it turns out had stored his essence in the Psionic net when Rhodan had destroyed his body. He supplies Clun’stal with the information he needs to save TALIN ANTHURESTA and the disaster is averted. Once everything clams down, Perry Rhodan and Mondra Diamond want to try to reach the disc world being affected by hypercold via transfer chimney, because they are certain that it is in fact Wanderer. The transfer ends at first in an unknown location. A holographic Ernst Ellert appears as the messenger of ES in place of Homunk, who is now completely solidified in place on Wanderer by the hypercold.

Rhodan learns that his B-controller is one of the last old controllers of the Anthurianers. The device is now reprogrammed so that Rhodan can use it to its full potential. ES needs vast amounts of Psi-matter and/or vital energy of living beings. The superintelligence has tapped the Psi-matter stocks of TALIN ANTHURESTA in his time of need and unintentionally caused the malfunctioning of the Psi-Material-Dispensers with it. Neither the intended supply of the trapped Vamus of millions of Vatroxes and VATROX-CUUR nor the energy tapped from the body of ARCHETIM will be enough to save ES. Should Rhodan not soon bring the PARALOX-ARSENAL or the time grains to ES with the sector bud parked close to Wanderer, ES will find himself forced to take the consciousness of every living intelligent being in TALIN ANTHURESTA, the Stardust system and maybe even his whole thickness concentration, into himself. But that would still only bring a short reprieve. Ellert reports that Lotho Keraete had proceeded into the Corridor of Anthuresta to do research on the PARALOX-ARSENAL. Unfortunately, this led him to his death.

Doch wo soll nach den Zeitkörnern gesucht werden? Rhodan hat eine bestimmte Vermutung. Möglicherweise wäre die Schneise von Anthuresta der richtige Ansatzpunkt. Der Transfer nach Wanderer wird fortgesetzt. Die dort allgegenwärtige Kälte durchdringt die SERUNS. Rhodan glaubt zu erfrieren... So where should the time grains be searched for? Rhodan has a theory. The Corridor of Anthuresta might be the right place to start looking. Ellert departs and the transfer to Wanderer is completed. Everything is covered in a thick layer of ice and the omnipresent cold there penetrates the SERUNS of the humans. Rhodan feels as if he is freezing to death….

Jerry Schneiderman 2013-05-16

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