2582 - Ein Kind der Funken
A Child of the Sparks
Leo Lukas

Tanio Ucuz is the son of two humans who were touched by the shower of golden sparks in 1347 NGE. He has several para-skills. One is an intuitive sense for all kinds of energetic phenomena, while the other hand there is the ability as a Para-poler to thread himself into energy flows where he can use the Psionic Net and even take along people and objects. He is also Para-communicator. As such, he can perceive the superficial thoughts of people and project his own into their minds, even if they are mental stabilized. These capabilities are only woken up in TALIN ANTHURESTA. This explains his mental contact with the Stalwart Agrester and his sudden disappearance. He gradually learns to control his gifts and himself. He accompanies Julian Tifflor into the control center of the JULES VERNE, but there, too, all the crew members are unconscious.

Meanwhile, it comes to battle between the two exploration teams and Agrester’s robots. Akika Urismaki is brought to safety by an Ertruser group member. He finds out that there an object in the immediate vicinity of the Discc world frozen in hyper-cold that resembles a Kybb Titan. Meanwhile, Mondra Diamond presents her controller to the robots, so that the machines stop battling the Galactics. She has a vision of Homunk, who had once told her something on Wanderer. Suddenly, she remembers the name “Agrester” and a code sequence. She speaks these two things and Agrester is forced to acknowledge her as an authorized presence with the highest ranking. He personally shows up, speaks with her and thus learns how it came to the death of Fogudare. He still does not fully trust her because she knows hardly anything about TALIN ANTHURESTA. But he must obey her direct command and so the robot army departs.

Two events finally convince Agrester that he must cooperate with the Galactics. Pral materializes and claims that Fogudare’s spirit still live on in the Psionic Net. And Ucuz makes it clear that he cannot save TALIN ANTHURESTA alone. Only with the JULES VERNE, will it be possible to reach the Psi-matter Dispenser and perhaps repair it. Agrester disables the chain field around the JULES JERNE and the influence that drains the life energy from the Terrans. The latter however takes days to fade. Meanwhile, Mondra, Pral and Ucuz are transported by Agrester into the heart of TALIN ANTHURESTA. They learn that the frozen disc world, as well as an area close to the center, is inaccessible to Agrester. The latter is a "hidden room “. Mondra discovers an access door. Homunk appears, but he is disappointed, that Perry Rhodan is not present, and disappears when it turns out Rhodan has just entered just the hidden room in NEO-OLYMP. So once again, Mondra has reason to be extremely angry with the messenger of ES.

The Psionic storm continues to grow in strength. When they try to launch the JULES VERNE on May ninth, it does not even move. The end of TALIN ANTHURESTAS and therefore also the crew of the JULES VERNE is imminent...

Jerry Schneiderman 2013-05-05

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