2581 - Wunder in Gefahr
Miracle in Danger
Leo Lukas

The JULES VERNE is caught in a field of energy that paralyzes all the technology and the crew members, sucking at their life energy, so that they are dying. Only Julian Tifflor is still reasonably capable of action due to his cell activator chip - and based upon the sensors of his badly malfunctioning SERUN, there is another person also still active on the ship. Tifflor finally finds the other person, who turns out to be his bodyguard, Tanio Ucuz. The man seems to be under a foreign influence, because he is running amok, causing some damage to the ship and then attacking Tifflor, who barely manages to hold him off. Before Tifflor can discover who was controlling Ucuz, then man fades away into thin air.

Meanwhile, two groups in are in the Trade star that forms the center of TALIN ANTHURESTA. One is led by Mondra Diamond, the other by Akika Urismaki. The groups have no contact with each other and suffer from unexplained fatigue. Their equipment and vehicles are also affected by the inhibitory influence. A psionic storm rages outside the Trade star, and so far none of the groups has found a way to free the JULES VERNE. The Shadow Maahk Pral separates his consciousness from his body and discovers an immaterial net in which the Trade star and the disc worlds form nodes, but it reaches far beyond TALIN ANTHURESTA. It might be comparable to the natural Psionic net, but it cannot be used for their purposes.

Mondra Diamond is in the center of a smaller version of the Trade star. However, it is inaccessible. Mondra’s A-class controller proves useless, as she tries to activate a transfer chimney to go into the heart of TALIN ANTHURESTA. A group of robots with crystal inclusions suddenly arrive to surround her ground. Urismaki is also unsuccessful when he finally reaches the plants which produce the chain field around the VERNE. He notes, however, that the Psi-Storm is growing stronger, so that the destruction of TALIN ANTHURESTA is imminent. Obviously the Psi-matter dispensers are not doing their job properly, so that the Psi-matter is focused around them and no longer uniformly distributed in TALIN ANTHURESTA. Suddenly another host of unfamiliar robots arrive to surround this group.

Both groups have been under the observation of the Stalwart Agrester. He is TALIN ANTHURESTA’S chief of security. He was awoken too late and hindered by the Psi-Storm, so he could not stop Fogudare’s assassination by Perry Rhodan - because in its mental confusion, the crystal being could not decide which action body it should use. Agrester feels guilty for this and therefore takes a long time to decide whether and how to proceed against the invaders, especially those which carry controllers on them. He is also connected mentally, for unknown reasons, with one of the invaders (Tanio Ucuz), which further enhances his confusion. Finally, he sends the army of robots towards the two groups, which have been moving freely in the Trade star. Agrester is also aware of the danger that threatens the Trade star from the Psi-storm...

Jerry Schneiderman 2013-04-22

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