2580 - Handelsstern im Visier
Trade Star in the Sights
Christian Montillon

The death of Iltu and Jumpy has hit Gucky so hard, that even after his physical recovery he can neither support the weakening Para-block nor help Perry with his next mission. Perry first gathers several golden spark people and ES mutants at the Psi-matter filled probe that he had brought from TALIN ANTHURESTA. They channel the energy from the four kilograms of Psi-matter stored in it to strengthen the Para-block and mostly to supply to ES. This gains them some more time to save ES, but it is only a drop in the bucket.

After a heated discussion with Timber F. Whistler, the Administrator agrees to send some of his troops with Perry on a daring to conquer the TZA'HANATH Research Center of the Frequency Monarchy, using seven Stardust Terran manned silver spheres. Betty Toufry , one from the ES mutants released from the consciousness pool of ES takes part in this. Perry Rhodan leads the mission with the merged MIKRU-JON /Silver sphere number eight. Relatively few battle lights guard the constellation comprised of eight Trade stars, but Rhodan does not succeed in rebooting the systems of any of the Trade stars despite several attempts, so his troops cannot be landed on them. The battle lights cannot exactly locate the silver spheres, but they lay down a wide spread of shots. The shields of the silver spheres hold up to the strain, and there are many battle lights shot down by them, but the mission has failed. Perry Rhodan orders a retreat. He himself, however, cannot retreat because an oppressive mental presence suddenly appears in MIKRU-JON and stops it from escaping.

Vatrox DAAG -appears in the form of the projection of a Vatrox in the obelisk spaceship. A hundred battle lights also appear and surround MIKRU-JON. The entity proposes a pact to Rhodan. The Terrans would fight together with the Frequency Monarchy against VATROX-VAMU. In return VATROX-DAAG would allow the Terrans to keep not only the PARALOX-ARSENAL, but also the Polyport network, as long as VATROX-VAMU can be destroyed. It is clear to Rhodan that he is being lied to and rejects the offer. VATROX-DAAG thereupon gives the firing command for the fire eye in the Sol system and orders the destruction of MIKRU-JON before vanishing. Perry Rhodan, however, has made provisions and the Net Weaver Radyl-im-Abstract is summoned. This being transports MIKRU-JON to a safe location away from VATROX-DAAG and the battle lights. Then Rhodan asks the Net Weaver for help again...

Cedric Beust 2013-04-09

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