258 - Die Mikro-Henker
The Micro-Hangmen
H.G. Ewers


Now aware of the imminent arrival of the Maahks in Andromeda, Rhodan decides to step aside to see how the confrontation between them and the Tefrodians will turn out. A first stellar battle takes place, won by the Maahks. Rhodan takes advantage of the outcome of the battle to capture a Tefrodian ship. The members of the ship fight like lions and just as they are about to fall in the hands of the Terrans, suddenly drop dead. Examining the dead bodies, the Terrans find out that the Tefrodians have, implanted in their brain, the small devices discovered previously by the crew of the mosquito. These devices allow the Masters of the Islands to have full control, including death, over the Tefrodians, even remotely, using hyperwaves. During the fight, Rhodan discovered on a desert planet a little robot, calling itself Log, who possesses paranormal skills (teleportation and telepathetic).

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

On March 22, 2404, Arl Tratlo comes back to the KA-Inexpensive with new information. The KHREST III is parked behind the sun Magnetizer, situated close to the Atrun system in the forbidden zone of Andromeda. It receives a mysterious impulse stream.

On March 23, a Maahk fleet attacks the Atrun system. A bitter battle begins. The Maahks use their converter cannons and the Tefrodians their anti-polar cannons. A Terran commando team penetrates into the damaged Tefrodian cruiser, ASKAHA. The vessel is hidden on the planetoid Runaway. A group of five hundred technicians and crewmembers from the KHREST III begins the exploration of the Tefrodian ship. Doctor Arthur determines while studying a dead Tefrodian that a hyper-receptor has been implanted in his brain. It is linked to the para-gland by semi-organic connections. Arl Tratlo discovered micro-devices of this type on Mon-Repos. Shortly afterwards, hyper-impulses activate these receptors and force the surviving crewmembers of the ASKAHA to fight the Terrans. Before the failure of their escape attempt the Tefrodians receive an impulse from the "Masters of the Island" that kills them all.

Perry Rhodan and Icho Tolot discover inside Runaway the mysterious robot telepath, Log, whose small black body is composed of an ovoid trunk with short legs and a spherical head.

Michael P. Mahoney

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