2577 - Kosmisches Puzzle
Cosmic Puzzle
Christian Montillon

After the arrival of Atlan in the Stardust system, Perry Rhodan who is now informed about the menace to the Sol systems by a fire eye and the final death of some ES-mutants forges new plans. The additional aggregates provided by Homunk are inserted into the silver balls, which however does not go off without an incident: Eritrea Kush is almost killed by a defense reaction by her sphere, but is soon back on her legs. Rhodan also finds out about the existence of Sichu Dorksteiger and Fyrt Byrask, as well as of the history of the Vatrox. He believes to feel how many different parts of a cosmic jigsaw puzzle are bit by bit fitting together into a general overview, but he does not see it clearly yet.

MIKRU-JON is brought to NEO-OLYMP. Aboard are the Sha'zor Murkad, the Dust Rider Gomrakh, an Essa Nur and some Ja'woors. The latter own Para-gifts which enable them to directly access Psi-matter. In this manner they are to examine the Psi-matter probe docked to MIKRU-JON, because it contains several kilograms of the exceedingly valuable substance. First, however, Rhodan speaks with Sichu Dorksteiger and makes it abundantly clear to her how cruel the Frequency Monarchy proceeds against its opponents. With it he finally pulls the Ator onto his side. Later she reports to him about TZA'HANATH, a secret research center of the Frequency Monarchy. She believes that Rhodan can possibly find a way there to fight against the fire eye.

Rhodan makes an excursion with Sichu and Fyrt to First Found and the Corridor, using a silver sphere whose operation he has learnt, in the meantime, by Hypno-schooling. On First Found the snowflake artifact is taken aboard. In the Corridor battle lights attack, but can easily be repulsed with the superior means of the silver sphere. Apparently a troop shift of the Frequency Monarchy is taking place there. The silver sphere then goes back into the Stardust system where the Para-block incorporates snowflake artifact in order to strengthen itself. Perry Rhodan suggests to Mikru connecting MIKRU-JON with the silver sphere. The virtual woman is enthusiastic to attempt this and the plan succeeds. MIKRU-JON is practically integrated into the silver sphere, so that both can fly in the fog dome on Aveda where the ATLANTIS also is.

The battle against the fire eye has demanded more victims. Many spark people have died. Iltu and Jumpy have also met final death. This loss is too much for Gucky. He feels as if he is dying…

Jerry Schneiderman 2013-03-01

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