2576 - Tor nach Terra
Gateway to Terra
Rainer Castor

On April 26, 1463 NGE Atlan has returned to Terra with the JV-1. The Sol system is still wrapped in the crystal shield, because the fire eye approaches. In the examination of the recently appeared fog dome in the Atlantic, it is discovered that it is not stable. It is believed that ES is trying to use this transition zone to make contact with the Sol system and refresh himself using ARCHETIMíS body, but the final push to complete the process is missing. Atlan wants to fly with the ATLANTIS into the mist to help ES break through. The very next day Solonium hyper-tact cruiser flies into the fog dome. Atlan and the rest of the crew have visions of Talanis and the battle against Vatrox-VAMU in the Stardust system. The shipís shields collapse and the connection to the JV-1 breaks off.

Reginald Bell does not want to rely solely on the crystal screen. ZEUT-80 is ordered into the Sol system, and ordered to project a tele-transport field exactly in the direction of flight of the fire eye. It is intended send the fire eye to the Antares Reef. The aggregation of Psi-matter crosses the transport field unimpressed. The semi-space tunnel created by the platform only results in hyper-hurricanes and other disorders that create chaos in the Antares Reef. The only possibility left now is Contingency Plan Neo-Sol. Should Terra be in imminent danger, the transfer of the whole is planet along with Luna is planned by way of ZEUT-42 (a second transmitter platform found in 1388 NGE by Atlan in the Southside) to a more than three hundred light years distant sun. On April 28th, the fire eye strikes into the crystal screen for the first time. There are more impacts in the next few days. The screen is stable and every time the fire eye loses some of its Psi-matter. Fran Imith, Bullyís wife who had left him some time ago, because she could not bear the thought of growing old at his side, contacts her husband and wants to return to his side. And it appears that she was one of those hit by the golden shower of sparks, arresting her aging process.

During this time, millions of former Globists and their descendants gather at the Salkrit resonators, which were never taken down after TRAITOR left. They all have visions of a billowing sun and gradually form a Para-block, which even Schohaakes eventually join in. On April 30, the fire eye finally penetrates the crystal screen and continues on its path towards the sun. The Globists gathered in the former STATIONS and the remaining Schohaakes on Isla Bartolome shunt most of the shock wave resulting from the penetration into hyperspace. But there is a resonance between the fire eye and the Psionic storm released by it penetrating the crystal screen and ARCHETIMíS body. The screen cannot be deactivated and all the structural gaps are closed Ė the Sol system is isolated. It is possible that Psi-matter from the fire eye has integrated with the shield and maintains it after the shutdown of the LORETTA-tenders. Thus, the last resort Contingency Plan Neo-Sol can no longer be carried out. All of the planets are shrouded in Paratron screens. The Globists do their best to mitigate the Psi-Storm, but they are already overtaxed. It's only a matter of time until they collapse.

On April 30th, before the impact of the fire eye, the ATLANTIS got through the fog. Atlan enters his old deep sea dome, which is now located within the mist zone. There he finds Rico and one of the three VARIOS from the Stardust system. Both machines showed up in their "naked" form. The VARIO said he would serve as a kind of relay station, halfway between the outside world and the inside of the fog dome, which is nothing more than a passage to the true Talanis. Where this island really exists is unclear, but at least there is a connection between all of the ďfive heavens" and Wanderer. As a precaution Gucky disables the VARIO, because they do not know what additional surprises ES programmed into it.

From the deep sea dome one can also reach the Stardust system, and there are not only numerous golden spark people, but also ES mutants there. Gucky can finally wrap his arms around his long-lost wife Iltu again. Atlan learns that the golden spark people and the ES mutants have been helping the Globists to slow down the fire eye and curb the Psi-Storm. At the same time ARCHETIMíS body is tapped, so ES can be supplied new energy. The fire eye cannot be brought to a halt. A return of the Atlantis to Terra is not possible. The fulfillment of these tasks proved to be too much effort for the Para-block. By May 7th, twenty-six golden spark people lose their lives, and as Ribald Corello risks trying to use his tele-psimatic power to access the Psi-matter of the fire eye, he, John Marshall and Balton Wyt are killed by the feedback. Their deaths are final; there is no more return to the consciousness pool of ES for them. At the same time, it threatens to come to a resonance disaster in the Sol system and ARCHETIMíS corpse suffers damage. The Para-block requires more and more energy to tackle the fire eye, and this energy is therefore not available to be used to strengthen ES.

Atlan meets with Homunk, who seems to have lost all hope on the frozen ice of the artificial planet Wanderer. There the Arkonide sees a seventy meter high block of ice. He suspects that it is now the avatar form of ES. Atlan has an idea: Would it not be possible, to supply ES with the Vamus of the 1.4 billion Vatrox and the entity VATROX-CURR trapped in the Krathviras to strengthen him? The necessary transfer can only be initiated from the Stardust system, and the silver spheres (provided by Homunk, along with additional necessary equipment) are the only transport medium that can be used for this purpose. Atlan returns on May 8th to Talanis and learns of the final deaths of Tatcher a Hainus , Dalaimoc Rorvics and the pseudo-Neanderthal Lord Zwiebus ...

Jerry Schneiderman 2013-02-12

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