2575 - Flucht nach Anthuresta
Flight to Anthuresta
Susan Shwartz

Lucba Ovichat is torn down and trampled by the ecstatic crowd, but her Vamu continues to exist. It joins the collective consciousness of all Vatrox who died and is reborn more than 38,000 years later with all her memories in a cloned body. Her journey back to life is difficult, for her mind resists accepting the rebirth. Kitapor , a male Vatrox, is at her side as her Referror (a readjustment aide). Lucba understands that the balance of power within her people must have fundamentally changed. The male Vatrox are now in power, and their original home world no longer exists. The Vatrox have moved to another galaxy. How much time has passed since her first physical death, Lucba only recognizes when Kitapor shows her various episodes from the past, using the Holo-memo-simulation which she had originally created and which was modified by the Vamu Order over the years. Kitapor does not suspect, though, that through this machine Lucba makes real contact through space and time with several female Vatrox whose Vamus have long since entered the collective. These Vatroxes supply Lucba far more information than would have been provided by Kitapor, and that in this way the memory of Lucba has survived over tens of thousands of years.

Eight hundred forty-eight years after Lucba’s death:

The powerful Vamu Order, which has evolved steadily, includes not only Mentalists, who can read minds, even without the formation of a circle, but also so-called Vamu-catchers. Sespa Bradogi is such a gifted empath. The Vamu-catchers can release their consciousness at will from their bodies, locate the Vamu of the dead and bring back the lost Vatrox souls who have not found their way into the collective. The collective is bound to huge deposits of Tiovam hypercrystals on the planet Vat. These hypercrystals are another result of the Tiotronic hyperpulse to which the Vatrox owe their skills. During this time the Vatrox, who now have developed faster than light space travel, begin the establishment of a stellar empire.

Nine thousand one hundred seventy-eight years after Lucba’s death:

The Star Empire of Vatrox contains 1500 colony worlds. The mental depots of Tiovam have become three mighty mountains. Their attraction is so strong that the Vamu are drawn back there from light years away. The collectives have developed into independent entities, which are named after the continents of their locations: Vatrox-VAMU , Vatrox-DAAG and Vatrox-CUUR . They act as rulers of the Vatrox and communicate with their own people through female speakers. Vinnochac Conca is one of them. The entities claim to have reached a critical mass and need to divide in order to not be destroyed. In truth, they want to create a "CHILD" by dividing that would no longer be bound to the Tiovam crystals. In this way they want to achieve a higher level of evolution. They call millions of spacecraft back to the home system and force twenty-seven billion Vatrox to suicide, in order to absorb their Vamus and create the fourth entity. But the CHILD turns against its creators and devours Vatrox-VAMU, then takes on its name. The other two entities try to destroy the new Vatrox-VAMU and fail. During this billions of more Vatrox are killed and their Vamus and sometimes even their physical bodies are consumed by Vatrox-VAMU. As Vatrox-VAMU finally leaves the Vatar system, Vat and the other planets are devastated or completely destroyed. Only 2.5 billion Vatroxes have survived - the dead are mostly women. The two remaining entities now turn their favor to the men.

The new leader of the Vatroxes is male and named Codesfatt. He takes Conca as his wife. Under his leadership the Vatrox, accompanied by the two entities, leave their home system in the galaxy Vamu-Vamu to find a new home and safety from Vatrox-VAMU. Two hundred twenty-six years later from the original million large fleet of ships there are only one hundred twenty-two thousand units couple together and 1.5 billion Vatroxes. Only one hundred thousand people are active at a time, while the rest lie in deep sleep. The trip seems doomed to fail, because the ships are barely able to survive the transition jumps taken by the entities, and the next galaxy is many light years away. One day the Anthurianer Sholkira appears with a bud sector and offers to help. The fleet is first taken to the galaxy Bra-Nok-Zo and from there into the galaxy Duerchan ( nowadays called Andromeda). There the Vatrox settle on a world in which a Polyport court is set in orbit. The Vatrox are allowed use of the Polyport network. About fifty years later the Vatrox have learned to retrieve the Vamus of the dead back to life - using the bodies of sleepers that have proven to be brain dead.

38,402 years after Lucba’s death:

The Vatrox are an important aiding race to the meek and unselfish Anthurianer. They now live in Duerchan and Anthuresta. Rebirthing has become the standard, but now clones are used. The process takes place on eight worlds in the two galaxies, where Tiovam depots were established. This technique is not perfect, however, because with each rebirth, parts of the memory are lost (probably due to binding to the two entities), and with each cloning, the ability of men to generate children decreases. Thus the population of the Vatrox is decreasing.

The Vatrox discover that there are only about five hundred thousand live Anthurianer, but fifty billion that are petrified but mentally active. The Vatrox have kept a few relics from their ancient times. One is a blood sample from Lucba Ovichat. Thus, it is decided to find the Vamu of their savior and bring her back to life. The Vatrox hope she will find a way to combat the increasing memory loss.

That ends the HMS presentations. Lucba begins to work secretly with Solia Innamboch from the Vamu Order, whose purpose is to overthrow the men. Lucba encounters the Esnur created by the Anthurianers and use their crystal structure to develop the first induction dam. This new structure will help the Vatrox against memory loss. One hundred forty-three years after her revival Lucba is taken to a planet in a star cluster of Anthuresta on which a fossilized, but somehow still alive Anthurianer has been discovered. As the male Vatrox open fire on the Anthurianer to test, how to best kill these creatures, Lucba recognizes that her people want to wrest power from the Anthurianers. She is opposed to the soldiers and is killed for the second time trying to prevent the body of the Anthurianer from being destroyed. Only an indestructible psi-material artifact remains, which takes in her Vamu.

Lucbas Vamu then survives millions of years, mostly in deep sleep. She finally woke up when a Stardust Terran touched the artifact in the 14th century NGE. Since then she's been awake and sending her spirit on the road, supported by the Psi-matter of the artifact. Then her Vamu was captured by the Stardust Terrans and taken out of the artifact. Having now told her life story, she asks to be released from the Vamu prison…

Jerry Schneiderman 2013-01-24

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