2574 - Das Lied der Vatrox
The Song of the Vatrox
Susan Schwartz

In the age of the first hyperdepression the Vatrox have settled all the planets of their home system, but there can be no talk of a great star empire - never mind of a power bloc like the Frequency Monarchy. The entities VATROX-DAAG, VATROX-CUUR and VATROX-VAMU do not exist yet, but on account of a still mysterious cause, possibly the radiations of the sun Vatar, all female Vatrox (but only few men) can mentally merge with each other and read each other’s thought. The Vatrox do not incline to sentimentality and have a very pragmatic view towards death. It is simply the end of everything - the Vatrox have no notion of the existence of immortality and the soul capable of rebirth (Vamu). A relatively strict segregation of the sexes rules among the Vatrox. The women are the »stronger gender« and make up the government. Every ninety years the women celebrate a planet-wide party and unite into a great circle - they form an immense Para-block with it. This party always falls with a special constellation of the sun, the main world Vat and the brown dwarf Pem. These celestial bodies reach their closest approach at the same time.

Lucba Ovichat, an important historian and teacher, discovers with her historical researches how the Psi abilities of the Vatrox women came to be five millennia ago. In a Holo-presentation by which events of the past are simulated in an incredibly realistic manner and projected directly into the mind of the observers in the lecture hall she informs the (female) public of her knowledge on the occasion of the ninety-years party. Lucba speaks of Tiotronic Hyperimpulses which were radiated millions of years ago from an unknown location and have spread out since then through the whole universe. The impulse reached the Vatar system at some point, as Vatar, Vat and Pem stood in conjunction and, therefore, was caught for a certain period in this system. Unbelievable amounts of information were included In the hyperimpulse. This knowledge was passed on to the Vatrox. Though they had not succeeded yet in utilizing it, remains of the hyperimpulse were trapped in a kind of "background rushing" till this day in the system, and moreover, the impulse has changed the radiation of the sun. This is what awoke the Psi-abilities of the Vatrox.

After this sensational revelation, Lucba shows three more events of the past in simulations. Four thousand seven hundred twenty-two years ago: Cagra Honovoch discovers her ability of the reading of thoughts when she saves her sister from dying in space. With it she attracts the attention of the Vamu Order which has directed its attention for generations upon telepathically gifted Vatrox and even has influence on the government. By its command her descendant Caha Honnofoch is involved almost four thousand years later in an experiment with which the destruction of a whole village is accepted as a sacrifice. The Order has recognized that in disasters with many deaths a strengthening of the system-wide "background rushing" occurs, which was discovered only recently. In such events even emotions are discernible. Two thousand one hundred eighty-seven years ago: The Vamu Order is already extremely mighty. Psi-gifted women are bred pure and, in the meantime, the Vatrox can not only read thoughts, but have also developed suggestive forces. On account of the willingness to make sacrifices, the evolution of the sisters progresses on and on.

The presentation is a full success. From practically one moment to the next Lucba becomes the most prominent Vatrox of all times. When the festivities reach their climax and the great circle is formed, voices suddenly sound from the "background rushing". All the Vatrox which have died have fed their Vamu into the "background rushing". They have observed the living and influenced their evolution unnoticed. Lucba came to gain her knowledge in this same manner. The dead people state that Lucba is the »greatest of the Vamu« and serves them as a catalyst. The establishment of contact has been possible only due to her.

Contact with the dead people representes a turning point in the history of the Vatrox. Lucba is celebrated as a savior and the creator of immortality. However, the enthusiasm of the masses takes on a menacing magnitude. Sisters rush at their savior and threaten to tear her apart in their fervor...

Jerry Schneiderman 2013-01-08

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