2572 - Homunks Botschaft
Homunks message
Arndt Ellmer

Perry Rhodan and his companions are wrapped by a golden light during the Polyport transfer and reach not CROSSWHEEL as planned, but NEO-OLYMP in the Stardust system, which is actually impossible because the Sextadim veil wraps the entire system. Rhodan doesn\'t mind, because NEO-OLYMP was his real goal. After meeting the local authorities, Rhodan seeks out the hidden room in the courtyard. A Holo-projection of Homunk appears, once again with no usable information for the Terran, but says nevertheless that he was the cause for Rhodan’s displacement into the Stardust system and that help for the Terran is on the way. One of the ships which secures the fog dome on Aveda also receives a visit by Homunk a little later. Rhodan goes there and speaks with the android, which appears in the form of a matter projection. Once again Homunk will only warn of the approaching end of ES - the superintelligence has supposedly now completely solidified - and then disappears again.

Rhodan gets in touch with ITHAFOR and learns that the fire eye unsuccessfully attacked the TERRANOVA screen several times in the period from April 28 to 30 and then disappeared, so that the screen cannot be passed anymore since then and neither can the radio. That is the explanation for why the \"destination\" for Terra cannot be used. Atlan penetrated with the ATLANTIS into the fog dome on Terra and has not re-emerged. Rhodan permanently links NEO-OLYMP with ITHAFOR, DARASTO and ESHDIM-3. Also, CROSSWHEEL is moved as a precaution into the Stardust system. Rhodan is not very pleased when he learns that the PARALOX ARSENAL has been broken into time grains. He must not only find one object, but several. However, ES has supplied new resources for the fight against the Frequency Monarchy and VATROX VAMU, such as the silver balls from the Stardust rock needle. Rhodan decides to visit them. Hardly does he arrive there, as dozens of Jaranocs materialize from out of nowhere and attack only him.

It turns out that the attackers are matter projections that can definitely harm the Terran. Before they harm him, Jason Moor appears. He is employed by one of Whistler’s companies and works there on the programming of realistic simulations. He awoke on April 29 from the influence of VATROX VAMU and it took some time until he was ready to leave his totally rubbish filled apartment. He has realized that he must have done something in the Stardust rock needle under the influence of the entity - in fact he was the one who created the Jaranoc matter projections. Now he deactivates the projectors just in time. Through this incident, it becomes clear that VATROX VAMU has left behind some surprises for the inhabitants of the Stardust system…

Cedric Beust 2012-11-23

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