257 - Der Dreitöter
The Three-Killer
William Voltz


Meanwhile, in Androalpha, the rebellion sparked by Grek-1 is gaining in strength. The Maahks rebels have defeated those obeying the Masters of the Island, and are now about to attack Andromeda. A mosquito departs from KA-Supertarif, now a solar base, to inform Rhodan of the latest events, but it is spotted and shot down by the Tefrodians. It is marooned on a planet that looks desert at first sight. Further investigation reveals that the planet holds subterranean factories where the Tedroders create very little spheric devices. The Tefrodians locate the escaped crew and try to capture them, but the Khrest III rescues them.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

Two days after the departure of the KHREST III, the IMPERATOR, parked on KA-Inexpensive, receives a message according to which Maahk rebels have destroyed the Andro Center transmitter. The partisans of the "Masters of the Island" in Andro-Alpha have been completely defeated.

The corvette KI-33, commanded by a captain of the USO, Arl Tratlo, is sent to inform Perry Rhodan on the KHREST III. Tratlo carries the honorary name of "Three-Killer" because he succeeded in killing on the same day on his homeworld, Meredi IV, a saurian Tarak, a Randler (looks like a Grisly Bear) and a Sechsflugler (Six Flyer). A deep enmity reigns between Tratlo and his first officer, Lieutenant Kaarn Baroon, the "Genius of Reyan", who is a famous poet, painter and composer.

After ten days of flight the KI-33 is shot down by the Tefrodians when it penetrates into the forbidden zone of Andromeda. On a planet that they name Mon-Repos, the men discover an automatic installation producing some objects that are shaped like currency (coins). Tratlo and Baroon become friends while fighting the Tefrodians. After the KHREST III has saved the men of the KI-33, it is determined that the currency shaped objects are hyper-receptors.

Michael P. Mahoney

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