2569 - Das Goldene Zeitalter
The Golden Age
Michael Marcus Thurner

A squadron from the Stardust fleet led by the CATARACT returns on March 27,1463 NGE to the CROSSWHEEL, where the Elfahders now have the situation under control (in other words, all of the armed forces of the Frequency Monarchy there were destroyed). The Polyport court could be blocked by Perry Rhodanís left behind controller and thus finally secured. On March thirtieth Stuart Lexa receives a hyper-radio message, stating that "something is happening" on the planetoid P-17-25-1463. From Kom Agonis and Vacucha Sabo , the only survivors of the prospector ship PROSPERO, Lexa has already learned that battle lights were hidden there. Apparently one of these ships has now crashed. Vessels from the Stardust Terrans and Elfahdians fly to the planetoid to capture the enemy unit. Extremely severe Hyper-storms complicate the approach. Only with the help of a mentally and physically ill adolescent named Marten , who has been recruited by Lexa from Stardust Citybecause of his excellent skills in data analysis, is a path through the hyper energetic chaos found. Marten is addicted to drugs, needs to be constantly treated medically and is unpopular with the crew. This is true the other way around also: Marten is filled with self-hatred and loathing of all his compatriots. Along the way he discovers the locating echoes of an unknown object with seventeen kilometers of diameter, which appears to be known by the Elfahders.

The enemy station on P-17-25-1463 is under an impenetrable shield. The crashed battle light can be easily boarded. Almost the entire crew is dead Ė only two humanoid creatures are still alive, but unconscious; a human looking man with red hair and freckles, and a woman who clearly comes from the people of the Hathor, who were thought extinct. The two are evacuated to the CATARACT. The sight of the female stranger dissolves a memory block in Upper Protector Bellyr. He can once again remember events from his own past and the history of his people. These memories were blocked some time ago by ESTARTU. The blockage had already been slightly eased by the encounter with Perry Rhodan and the Sextadim-veil, but only now can Bellyr tell the Stardust Terrans that the Elfahder had been in ESTARTUS services for a much longer time than had been known till now.

The superintelligence had once sent an Elfahdian expedition to Hathorjan (Andromeda), where they were to ask for help from Hathor. But the locals were more concerned with observing a strange white dwarf star and a sort of "umbilical cord" with a faraway vast amount of psionic matter reservoir that had attracted a mental being ( Vatrox-VAMU ). The entity was trying to break into the white dwarf, but it only led to the disappearance of the concentration of Psi-matter. The Hathor had declared to the Elfahders that the reservoir was found in a remote area of the thickness concentration of ES, which stood together with the other parts of the sphere of influence of the super-intelligence in a unison of Eiris, so that the long distance did not matter. The white dwarf had shifted by absolute movement along the Psionic net to a different location and enveloped by the Hathors into a Sextadim veil. The Hathors in Hathorjan as well as those in the neighboring galaxy were not willing to accompany the Elfahders. They had to therefore return empty-handed to ESTARTU.

Over time, a physical change had begun with them, which they attributed to contact with the white dwarf or the influence of the Psi-matter. The people of Elfahder split apart afterwards. Some turned away from ESTARTU. Another portion was known to end up being under the rule of the Eternal Warrior. After they had shaken off his yoke, they wanted to find their ancestors and arrived in the course of their search in Diktyon . Hirdal, an incarnation of ESTARTU, appeared and announced the imminent arrival of a messenger from ES. In fact, Ernst Ellert appeared aboard a seventeen kilometer wide spherical object with many protrusions and spikes - a sector bud. Ellert had the Elfahders go to Far Away, and passed on information to them about eh Polyport network. Hirdal showed up again and gave them the order to help the Terrans. The PARALOX-ARSENAL was split into time grains. These would have to be found to prevent the death of ES.

This ends Bellyrís report. Martenís internal organs gradually begin to fail, and he dies on April twenty-third.

Jerry Schneiderman 2012-10-03

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