2568 - Einsatzkommando Infiltration
Commando Infiltration
Rainer Castor

11th of February, 1463 NGE: The spaceship of the Stardust fleet returned by the CROSS WHEEL space station, as well as some pearl spaceships of the Elfahders are stuck beyond the Sextadim veil which wraps the Stardust system. After they have overcome the mental shock which hit them by the presence of VATROX-DAAG and VATROX-VAMU, and after the battle lights of the Frequency Monarchy have fled before VATROX-VAMU, the crew observes that the Hyperdim-Perforator makes the Sextadim veil permeable. Sean Legrange, whom the shock has not bothered at all, is able to establish contact with the space station SOLAR SYSTEM. There is a functioning transmitter with which one could penetrate into the inside of the system and travel on to the Polyport court NEO-OLYMP. Legrange puts together a mission troop from those people who have best gotten over the psychic shock. They turn out, above all else, to be the people who were touched by the golden shower of sparks or have parents whom this happened to. Some Elfahders also come along.

When the team arrives at their destination, the mental pressure of VATROX-VAMU becomes clearly apparent. Once more Legrange seems to be little bothered by it. The crew of the space station is either unconscious or stands under the influence of the entity. Jaranocs are moving about in the station. It must be assumed that similar things are happening everywhere in the system. Under the influence of the mental pressure Master sergeant Lucrezia DeHall suddenly develops mutant abilities. She can teleport and read thoughts. After initial difficulties she swiftly succeeds in controlling these new gifts. She finds out that something is not right about Legrange - only a vague mental echo is discernible from him. Legrange can no longer conceal the truth. He is not human, but a Vario 1000 robot in a cocoon mask of living tissue - and Duncan Legrange, his "father", was also only such a mask for the same robot.

The VARIO-1000 is one of those three robots which were smuggled by the LFT into the Stardust system in 1346 NGE. They were watched over by Matten Willys and were supposed to observe the emigrants. Their bioplasma coming from the Hundred Sun World gained actual individual consciousness by specific manipulations of the Posbis. Lotho Keraete, the messenger of ES, had modified all three robots after their arrival in the Stardust system by additional modules and Nano-robots for the needs of ES. Only the VARIO-1000 which later, in the shape of Duncan Legrange, became the most important aide of Timber F. Whistler had succeeded with the help of the Matten Willy Ducy in keeping this influencing provisionally in check. Nevertheless, one special program initiated by ES had activated itself several times. The two other VARIOS had been thereby made to make Whistler suffer an accident as a result of which he had to be made a virtually immortal cyborg. Legrange itself had discovered the Polyport court under the influence of the additional programming. He had visions on the island Talanis of an immense star-shaped shadow in a crater filled with ice in a disc world, and of the death of the superintelligence.

Legrange’s companions must digest all this information. Then they find out that people keep disappearing into thin air in the Stardust system. Moreover, some members of the mission team feel a mental call which lures them to Talanis. It is certain that the opposition against VATROX-VAMU is gathering there. The mission team reaches NEO-OLYMP. The scientists and soldiers used there have remained uninfluenced, and the court was not entered yet by the enemy. After he has welcomed Chief Scientist Florence Istban there, Legrange uses his controller and discovers a concealed space which is connected according to suddenly available information from the ES-program, with the Palace of the Four Heavens on Talanis. However, this connection is still blocked. The blockade will be lifted when the gate to Terra opens. Legrange decides to try to get in touch with the members of the resistance operating on Talanis.

Meanwhile, in Terrania on the 26th of April, 1463 NGE: Atlan returns with the JULES VERNE-1 to the Sol system. A fog dome has appeared on the Earth - exactly where Atlantis used to exist. The crystal screen is also activated, because a fire eye is approaching Sol. It will soon collide with the crystal screen…

Jerry Schneiderman 2012-09-13

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