2566 - Der Oase der Wissenden
The Initiate Oasis
Frank Borsch

When Sinnafoch, Kruuper and Philip arrive in the trade star JERGALL after an unauthorized Polyport transfer, not only the Darturka guards and Frequency Mediator Demeiro cause difficulties, but so does the depleted stock of hydrogen in Kruuper’s environmental suit. After Sinnafoch’s authorization is cleared up and Kruuper’s life is saved, the Frequency Follower is held responsible for the catastrophic defeat in Andromeda. Demeiro permits himself to play an insidious game with his odious peer. Sinnafoch may fight for his life - namely against his companion, the Okrill. Kruuper may accompany him. However, the two receive only light hand-held weapons. The battle is to take place on the planet Bargeron, one of the worlds “liberated” eight million years ago by the Frequency Monarchy, whose surface has been a contaminated desert since that time. Sinnafoch knows that he does not have the slightest chance to defeat the Okrill by force. After landing, he tries to speak with Philip, but discovers that the animal, become intelligent due to the inductive cell implanted in him, stands under foreign influence which slowly becomes overpowering. Demerio has reprogrammed Philip’s inductive cell. Sinnafoch flees.

Meanwhile, Kruuper is alone in the ruins of a city. He finds his way into underground facilities that have been transformed to an idyllic landscape. There the robot Elkayam has waited for millions of years for the "Initiates" to return. That is what it calls survivors of the destruction at that time, for which he has set up the heavenly shelter under the planet’s surface. The robot mistakes the Okrivar for an Initiate and is ready to help him. Sinnafoch also reaches the Initiate oasis after his escape from Philip. Elkayam recognizes him as one of the ancient enemies, but Kruuper is able to persuade it of the fact that the Vatrox is also an Initiate.

Sinnafoch has recognized that Philip has been made the slave of Demeiro through the inductive cell. He lures the Okrill into the Initiate oasis where Elkayam and Kruuper fire so long with ancient energy emitters at the almost indestructible animal that he finally breaks down. Sinnafoch tries to remove the inductive cell, but is suddenly contacted by VATROX-DAAG. The entity has taken over Philip and uses him to speak mentally to Sinnafoch. The Frequency Follower has won the respect of the entity by his independence, his ingenuity and his toughness and is therefore to become VATROX-DAAG’S governor in Anthuresta. His first job is to locate Perry Rhodan and kill him. To aid him in this, he is provided with two additional comrades-in-arms, who have already arrived on the trade star: Vastrear and Satwa.

Jerry Schneiderman 2012-08-13

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