2565 - Vastrears Odyssee
Vastrears Odyssey
Michael Marcus Thurner

Frequency Follower Vastrear flees with his orderlies Satwa and Bhustrin from FATICO to Hibernation-3, but is still not safe there. While Bhustrin and Satwa wage war against each other with all their available means to gain Vastrearís favor, two assassination attacks are perpetrated against the Frequency Follower. Kumoson, head of the Hibernation world takes Vastrearís warnings of the Terrans and their allies lightly - and pays a terrible price. The Sicatemo Alliance destroys Hibernation-3 and collects all the Vatrox Vamus. Vastrear and his orderlies flee at the last minute to Hibernation-4, where the same thing happens. Bhustrin and Satwa have to close an alliance of their own to protect their master and extract him from the depression into which the losses have put him. When Admiral Meruv tatur attacks with a psi-weapon that drives all Vatrox to commit suicide, Satwa and Bhustrin prevent Vastrear from taking his life. Satwa takes possession of the C-controller and works out a route that the three fugitives take over a number of intermediate stations, where it is also already being fought (including in the Distributor-depot ARTHA in Diktyon), until they reach the trade star JERGALL in Anthuresta.

To Vastrearís surprise Frequency Mediator Demeiro, who he used to know, is already informed and waiting for him. Vastrear is personally granted an audience with VATROX-DAAG and can tell him what has happened in Andromeda. Satwa and Bhustrin are allowed to accompany their master. Vastrear learns that VATROX-CUUR was destroyed, and that the real enemy - VATROX-VAMU - is lurking in Anthuresta. Vastrear is punished due to his multiple failures, but not demoted, at least not officially. He gets to nominally keep his status, but not with any authority. Satwa and Bhustrin will assume his duties. VATROX-DAAG has discovered to his amusement that the attempted assassinations committed on Vastrear were staged by the two orderlies - they wanted to frame each other for it. The entity likes this ingenuity. The unlikely team is awarded the job to take a person into custody, which will soon appear in Anthuresta. This enemy has a particular controller that could actually damage VATROX-DAAGís cause.

Jerry Schneiderman 2012-08-02

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