2564 - Die verlorene Stimme
The Lost Voice
Marc A. Herren

Wrapped in a sphere of Psi-matter MIKRU-JON is transported to the galaxy Anthuresta. From the first moment Perry Rhodan awakens from the transition shock, he believes to hear the voice of a child. This phenomenon becomes stronger and stronger and limits his ability for action – but nobody else can perceive this voice. After everybody has overcome the transition shock and has come around again, detections can begin to be made. In the closer surroundings something is happening. MIKRU-JON is pulled into a more than two kilometer wide spherical sphere of energy which is filled with an unknown substance. A four hundred thirty-eight meter high octahedron ship and a spherical ship with one thousand seven hundred meters diameter which looks like a globe coated with blue luminous lines in a pattern like lines of longitude and latitude which fight against each other. All these unknown units seems to be interested in the Psi-matter in which MIKRU-JON has been wrapped up.

Rhodan, Fellmer Lloyd/Ras Tschubai and five veteran space soldiers (The Young Boys) teleports to the inside of the energy sphere ship. Over and over again Rhodan is distracted by the child’s voice. Moreover, in the meantime, he believes to see a small boy who always immediately disappears again. The group establishes peaceful contact with the crew of the foreign unit after some initial difficulties. They meet a round, flat, dough-cake shaped Ja'woor, then the Clun'stal appear, more than two-meter tall crystal beings, who are possibly descended from the same people (Essa which sounds like Esnur) and the one and a half meter Sha'zors, massive humanoids in protective suits with forty centimeters wide mirrored spherical helmets. Their ship which is called a life bubble lies under fire. The Tryonian Alliance, so states the Ja'woor, is attacking them.

The life bubble threatens to be destroyed. While the Young Boys help in the evacuation, which they are hindered in by the mistrust of the crew, Rhodan follows his hallucination. With the help of the Concept he completely dives into a vision in which he meets himself in the form of a small boy - on the farm of his Uncle Karl. He helps the younger Rhodan to make a hard decision, and thereby finds himself again. After the life bubble is destroyed, contact is made with the globular ship, which has received reinforcements in the meantime. A being which is not to be distinguished from a human feigns friendliness, introduces himself as an Adentoco Porvistar of the Tryonian Alliance and lends expression to his relief to have protected MIKRU-JON and the Psi-matter from the access of the pirates...

Jerry Schneiderman 2012-07-21

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