2563 - Im Zentrum des Feuerauge
In the Center of the Fire Eye
Susan Shwartz

Jaranoc battleships shoot apart the battle light in which Sichu Dorksteiger and Fyrt Byrask are stationed. Together with some other students and their Vatrox instructor Hochalon they manage to escape in a rescue capsule. They land on a jungle world on which the battle light also crashes, which they must now reach in order to be able to call for help on the hyperradio. During a rough march through the jungle involving heavy personnel losses, the stranded are attacked by Jaranocs which only depart when they recognize that the victory over the far inferior students would only be a disgraceful slaughter for them. Only twelve students, who were called from then on ďThe Dirty DozenĒ, and Hochalon reach their destination. The battle light is still partly intact and defended by Darturkas. Help is already on the way. The Jaranocs are expelled and the survivors evacuated.

Now Sichu learns about one of the mightiest weapons of the Frequency Monarchy. A fire eye made of Psi-matter is used to set an example with a race which has supposedly formed an alliance with VATROX-VAMU and is jointly responsible for the destruction of the battle light. The whole solar system of this race is destroyed. In spite of this gruesome event which makes some of her school friends commit suicide, Sichu is not yet ready to join Fyrtís opinion which holds the Frequency Monarchy to be the true enemy.

During the following years Sichu and Fyrt live in TZA'HANATH, a research center formed from eight trade stars. Their new instructor is the Vatrox Yazeech. On TZA'HANATH the Frequency Monarchy is working upon its most important project: The lasting rise of the hyperimpedance within a whole galaxy - with the concurrent maintenance of a Hyper-cavitation in which normal hyperimpedance values rule. Sichu and Fyrt continue to form a team, but their personal relationship remains indifferent. Their research finds some success. They raise the hyperimpedance in the sphere of an inhabited planet, but the process devours immense amounts of energy and the effect is not long-lasting. Once again Sichu tries to edge out the grief that she, this time, has brought upon the planetís inhabitants.

Some time later, Sichu and Fyrt are moved again to another location in Anthuresta. Now their job consists of penetrating a 6-dimensional field which surrounds a whole star cluster. By the permanent supplying of a Psi-matter stream, which materializes over and over again in large quantities in Anthuresta, Sichu succeeds in opening a sort of "viewing window" to the inside of the field. But when the veil dissolves one day, this is not due to Sichuís efforts. But Undarach, Sichuís Vatrox supervisor anticipates nothing of this. He believes that the success is to be owed to Sichu. He now sends her and Fyrt with a battle light, the VOSTAR, into the now accessible star cluster.

Jerry Schneiderman 2012-07-10

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