2562 - Die Tryonische Allianz
The Tryonian Alliance
Susan Schwartz

On the planet Ganroj in the system Thagg in Anthuresta lives young Sichu Dorksteiger from the people of the Ator with her father Aranmu Dorksteiger and her mother Lebanna Dorksteiger. She grows up seemingly secure, without problems, and with many rights and privileges, because Aranmu is the owner of one of the biggest and most productive farms on the whole planet and, in addition, town governor.

The only troubling thing in her life is her father’s brother, Dadje Fardwas. He believes that the Frequency Monarchy oppresses the ruling alliance of the system: The Tryonian Alliance. He is constantly on the run, and hence, comes for a visit only very seldom. In his last visit, when Sichu is ten years old, he leaves her a letter in which he asks her not to get involved in the Frequency Monarchy.

A red gleaming glider in the form of a gemstone lands on the farm when Sichu is twelve years old. A Vatrox and some Ators emerge from it and take Sichu on the grounds that she is being taken for » the exam«. The glider takes her to the hangar of a small battle light. There Sichu is locked for what seems a small eternity in a simple cabin. Her only conversation partner, provided that she does not dismantle it or throw against the wall, is the Dogo dwarf Doso-Doso, a small robot. Finally, the battle light lands on Oranata, the "promised land" as Doso-Doso calls it.

Sichu is retrieved by the helper Tsch'kul, a Ch'ting and brought to a big hall, in which there are already about five hundred children from the four races of the Tryonian Alliance (the Ator, Arki, Ana and Ashen). The Vatrox Bondiron, head of the educational institution in which Sichu has landed, explains to the children that they will be trained here according to their talents and for the purposes of the Frequency Monarchy and laziness is a punishable offense. After this Sichu is brought to a lodging which she will share with the Ashei Edity Satch and the Ana Astura Mirag.

The next day their education begins. Sichu finds that she can easily handle it and feels challenged for the first time in her life. With the instructors pressing them hard, the students bond together. On her thirteenth birthday Sichu gets to know Ana Fyrt Byrask. The two battle over the next year to be the best in class. With the final examination of the first year which is made up to be like a scavenger hunt they master the final task together. With the final ceremony Bondiron informs them that it is the goal of the Frequency Monarchy to find the PARALOX ARSENAL with the help of the trainees. Sichu and Fyrt are together the best of year and get a new instructor, the Vatrox Tigehon, who is to train them in hyperphysics.

In the second and third year of practical training Sichu grows more and more enthusiastic about hyperphysics. At the same time the tensions increase between Sichu and Fyrt. Both turn out to be brilliant, but they often clash during discussions. At the same time they feel a mutual attraction. When their aircraft fails during an excursion in the countryside and they are waiting for help to arrive, they spend a night of love together. However, it remains with this one night, and the next day the usual competition rules again between the two.

When Sichu is nineteen years old, her training period on Oranata is finished. She and Fyrt receive the Vatrox Hochalon as a new instructor and they are brought to the planet Regu-1. The aim of their education is to train them militarily and to shape them into leaders. On the primitive, jungle-covered training world Regu-1 Sichu is brought to her peak physical efficiency. She must creep through mud, climb over palisades, run for hours with heavy baggage through marshes and learn to ward off hostile plant and animal life with only what she can make herself in the way of weapons.

After one year of training there, Sichu and Fyrt are appointed commanders of a team, consisting of thirty companions. The job of the team is the recovery of lost technical equipment from the jungle. The job appears like a real mission, but unknown to Sichu and Fyrt it is actually a simulation that they have been put into. They are attacked by dust riders and fail on account of the tensions which rule between them, leading them to make a wrong decision which then leads to the death of the whole team in the simulation. Only then do they awaken and find out that the attack was only a simulation, and are made to recognize their failure.

As a result Sichu’s and Fyrt’s education on Regu-1 is finished. They leave the planet with a spaceship. During the flight Fyrt tells Sichu about the murder of his parents and his hatred for the murderers. Suddenly an alarm is released: the spaceship is being attacked by foreign ships in the shape of truncated cones…

Jerry Schneiderman 2012-06-22

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