2561 - Insel der goldenen Funken
Island of the Golden Sparks
Arndt Ellmer

VATROX-VAMU has beaten back the hasty attack by the Stardust mutants and is now forewarned. Forty-five people died with the attack. The survivors are cared for by Querionian Medo-robots , formed by Icho Tolot’s silver sphere. The Haluter happily welcomes his old friends: Tako Kakuta, Kitai Ishibashi, André Noir, Betty Toufry, Ribald Corello, Merkosh, Balton Wyt, Lord Zwiebus, Anne Sloane, John Marshall, the Woolver twins, Takvorian, Dalaimoc Rorvic, Tatcher a Hainu and some Ilts (including Iltu, Gecko, Jumpy and Ooch) who have been released from the mental depot of the superintelligence ES, in order to support Stardust mankind in the struggle against the overpowering invaders. They immediately begin training the inexperienced Stardust mutants. The silver spheres ensures the supply of people for Talanis, as well as retrieving the soldiers deployed by Eritrea Kush.

Kardo Tarba has proven his trustworthiness. First he informs his new friends that according to the information stored in JOKER’S databanks, machine halls are installed in each site of an intangible city, which are similar to those under the Stardust rock needle. He also found the sites of two other intangible cities: Ultramarine City and Ruby City. The latter is referred to as the “Lost City”. Then, leaving the rock needle, Tarba asks VATROX-VAMU to be released from its services. To the surprise of Tolot, the entity grants this request - Tarba is free. The Haluter then explores the caverns under the site of Ruby City. There, a projection of Anthuresta is be found, in which, among other things, the locations of twelve trade stars and two Hibernation worlds of the Frequency Monarchy are drawn. This representation is similar to the projection of the Milky Way, which the Terrans once found on Impos.

VATROX-VAMU, which still uses the Siganese Vorremar Corma as an action body and "anchor", tried in vain to reach NEO-OLYMP and Talanis. The Polyport-court is protected by a signature of ES, and even heavier bombardment of the fog domes yields no results. Corma, who sometimes takes back some control of himself, learns by the mental contact that VATROX-VAMU knows who ES and ANTI-ES are. It was due to a previous contact with the superintelligence, that VATROX-VAMU became aware of the Distant Places. VATROX-VAMU has always understood itself as a representative of “life itself”. VATROX-VAMU took up the fight against his creators, to prevent that they could merge with him into a negative superintelligence and endanger “life itself” with the PARALOX ARSENAL. VATROX-VAMU wanted to attack the Arsenal, but was catapulted away by a safety device. The Arsenal subsequently disappeared.

Two and a half months after the first attack on VATROX-VAMU the mutants dare a second attack attempt with the additional people that arrived on Talanis either on their own or with the help of the silver spheres. They are supported by the ES-mutants and the Palace of the Four Heavens. Tolot releases Psi-matter retrieved by Administrator Whistler, while Ribald Corello creates even more of this substance. And the Howanets, which VATROX-VAMU has been sucking energy out of during recent few weeks, intervene. Corello coordinates the Para-block and the release of all the energy against VATROX-VAMU in one fell swoop by Telepsimatic access. The entity and the Jaranoc- cone ships are thrown away several thousand light years, while Vorremar Corma is killed. The Hyperdim Perforator is also pulverized. The Stardust mutants learn the history of VATROX-VAMU by a short mental contact with it.

All the people in the Stardust System are now free. On April 30, 1463 NGZ the ES-mutants say goodbye. They return into the column of sparks, but first warn the humans of the impending death of the superintelligence. It also turns out that TALANIS has not only a connection to four worlds of the Stardust system, but also to Terra. This connection becomes activated. Everyone of Talanis have a vision of a threatening eye of fire that devours everything there….

Jerry Schneiderman 2012-06-07

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