2560 - Das Raunen des Vamu
Whispering of the Vamu
Arndt Ellmer

Not all intelligent beings in the Stardust system are mentally enslaved by VATROX-VAMU. His aiding race of the Jaranocs remain unaffected, of course, but so do Icho Tolot , Timber F. Whistler , and all those people that were affected by the golden shower of sparks or whose parents belong to this group. These people saved themselves by going to Talanis where they want to set up the resistance against VATROX-VAMU.

Administrator Whistler, who constantly fights against the foreign influence, decides to investigate the Stardust-rock needle for clues to aid him. There, the mental pressure disappears immediately. No one responds to his attempts at contact, not even the mainframe computer CREST. But then Icho Tolot appears via transmitter cage. He is accompanied by the Jaranoc Cardo Tarba, who has pledged his life to Tolot, as well as Captain Kush Eritrea who he has tucked under an arm. The Stardust Terran is freed from VATROX-VAMU within the rock needle. The Stardust-rock needle suddenly transforms. Cartouches in the Hall of a Thousand Tasks activate and gray machine blocks appear from out of nowhere. A new area becomes accessible from the transmitter hall. It contains a control center with residential areas and storage rooms. JOKER, the computer supervisor of the rock needle makes its presence known and declares a ‘crisis of foreign influence’. It recognizes Whistler, as well as Tolot, to be authorized to command it. By touching a certain cartouche, the system’s Sextadim veil is turned on, as is a shield around the rock needle, which can only be turned off from inside.

In the lowest floor of a huge machine hall is discovered eight silver spheres and as many humanoid appearing statues. Tolot assumes that ES releases some of the creatures (known as the Oldtimers) out of his consciousness pool if needed. The same is true of the technology that appeared in the rock needle. The Haluter tells JOKER to shut down the cage transmitter and block the entrances to Talanis. Thus, neither the Jaranocs nor Vorremar Corma , still acting as a chosen one or incarnation of VATROX-Vamu, can access the rock needle or the islands in the fog. But this entity is not necessarily interested in Stardust humanity. It seeks rather its real enemies: the Frequency Monarchy and VATROX-CUUR and VATROX-DAAG.

On February 21, 1463 NGE Whistler and Kush take the first test flights with the silver spheres. During his flight in Whistler retrieved the container with 5.4 picograms of Psi-matter from Stardust XXII that Perry Rhodan had brought, while Kush brings as many soldiers as possible from Cataract to the rock needle. Whistler then retrieves numerous government officials from Aveda , including Admiral Kraton Furtok . All these actions take place largely unnoticed, due to the superior technology of the silver spheres. Two days later, hundreds of people have already been taken to safety. Tolot then undertakes an expedition to Talanis.

There are people at the Palace of the Four Heavens, a five hundred meter high and one kilometer wide cloud of golden sparks on the island. This huge flurry of sparks provide the people who are now in a Para-block with psi -energy. They want to attack VATROX-VAMU in the shape of Vorremar Corma, but the enemy entity is too powerful and strikes back. The Para-block is broken and the people lose consciousness. Only Porfino and his sister Parfina who come late to the Palace of the Four Heavens do not suffer. The two witness the arrival of the silver ball. Tolot and his companions step out of the sphere and witness familiar figures materializing out of the flurry of sparks: The Movator Takvorian , the unlikely team of Dalaimoc Rorvic and Tatcher a Hainu (with a coffee pot ), the Neanderthal Lord Zwiebus (with a mace) and a whole collection of droll mousebeavers.

Jerry Schneiderman 2012-05-27

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