256 - Im Reiche der Zentrumswächter
In The Empire Of The Center Guards
Clark Darlton


Rhodan decides to go on Tefrod, the Tefrodian's main planet, to gather information on the Masters of the Island. But the planet is closely protected and the mutants do not represent a significant advantage over the Tefrodians since these also have mutants. The expedition is a complete failure, but Rhodan and the commando are able to escape. Rhodan learns that no Tefrodian has ever seen a Master of the Island, except for their chief, the Virth, who lives in an extremely well protected island.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

The survey of the dead Tefrodians shows that they have some stronger cervical parts than Terrans. In addition, an enigmatic para-gland is discovered.

The Tefrodians allow the merchant cruisers of only fifty out of thirty-five thousand worlds of alien races to approach their main world. This forces the Terrans to seize the Tefrodian vessel IKUTU in order to go to Tefrod, the capital of the Tefrodians. Tefrod is the third planet of the sun Tefa inside of the five hundred light year wide warning zone that surrounds the forbidden sector of Andromeda.

Perry Rhodan, Atlan, Andre Noir, Pucky and Icho Tolot land with the IKUTU on the spaceport of the capital city, Vircho. While trying to penetrate into the forbidden government island, Rhodan is captured. He succeeds in escaping but the Tefrodians isolate the IKUTU with shields. Thanks to the intervention of Icho Tolot, Perry Rhodan and his companians are able to rejoin the IKUTU and regain the KHREST III by transmitter.

The Tefrodians react to the sight of the Halutian with an incredible panic.

Michael P. Mahoney

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