2557 - Der Mentalpilot
The Mental Pilot
Arndt Ellmer

Perry Rhodan calms down swiftly when he discovers that he receives mental contact with the consciousness fragments of the former pilots stored in MIKRU-JON, but is not overwhelmed by them. He is found worthy of steering the ship, which he promptly manages to do. He leaves the tank he was in and can now combine mentally with the ship if he sits in the pilot's seat. However, the connection is not entirely working. Something deeply inside Rhodan seems to struggle against the connection. Mikru is disappointed.

Because no contact with the JULES VERNE can be established, Perry Rhodan tries to reach one of two gigantic objects which it are connected with balls of Psi-matter in the Dyson sphere. When he orientates himself with the B-controller, he finds out that this synchronizes itself automatically with another controller that is integrated into MIKRU-JON. Mikru claims to have known nothing about it. In combination with the two controllers Rhodan’s mind is able to manipulate the Psi-matter. He thereby generates a corridor, through which MIKRU-JON can fly into the cloud. Inside is a 1177-meter-long golden-colored object whose construction (two tubes coupled together in parallel with two extensions which end in balls) reminds him of a double rolling-pin. Small probes leave this station and disappear with an unknown destination. Clun'stal Nobody remembers to have worked in the construction of the station. It is a Psi-Matter-Dispenser, and the 10-meter-long probes are hunters whose job consists of the elimination of foreign bodies. One of them attacks MIKRU-JON. Perry Rhodan takes his place again in the pilot's seat and dodges the probe, but then it manages to connect and carries out a transition with the ship from TALIN ANTHURESTA…

Meanwhile, Mondra Diamond lives through blocked memories of her earlier stay on Wanderer. She finds out that the Hall of 1000 Tasks is obviously not only in the Stardust system. It is presumably a copy of one which was established on Wanderer. Several scientists are examining the cartouches. These are only projections, but one of them perceives Mondra. It is Geoffry Abel Waringer. He states that the hall holds answers to questions which are possibly too much for normal people - and which may not fall into the hands of the opponents of the superintelligence. Together the two try to decipher the meaning of certain cartouches, but they do not succeed. Mondra later finds out from Homunk that the new galactic riddle is set up far more complicated and for the long term than the first one had been. Then soldiers of Stardust humanity attack her. They hunt down Mondra, who succeeds in escaping. She sees an ice covered area of the machine town from which blood flows out, as robots drill into it. Then she awakes and her surroundings disappear…

Jerry Schneiderman 2012-04-20

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