2556 - Im Innern des Wunders
Inside the Miracle
Christian Montillon

Mondra Diamond dreams again of Kintradim Crux and Samaho Torr. A response team, which includes the Halftrack Changeure Akika Urismaki, is to take care of the JULES VERNE. Accompanied by Pral, Mondra follows her "pet" Ramoz whose instincts she trusts. The feline leads them to the petrified Anthurianers, where he first leaves a puddle of excitement and then sniffs out a snow-crystal-like structure in the interior of one of the giant fossils. Mondra knows these snowflakes from the accounts of the events in the Stardust system. Pral frees his mind from his body in order to approach the structure in this way. He cannot reach it, but it is visible to him. Ramoz then leads them into the machine city. Mondra recognizes two things: She does not have the memory of those forty-five days, during which she spent on Wanderer waiting out Perry Rhodan’s absence. Three buildings in the city machines are exact replicas of buildings that are familiar to her from Ambur-Karbush. Now memories from Wanderer are returning piecemeal. She had time to chat with Homunk and look for Delorian. Homunk had only given her intimations of the kind that the chronicler of ES was unavailable at present, and advised her "to look properly." She enters the dome of the Physiotron and comes out in the Hall of One Thousand Tasks in the Stardust system.

Meanwhile, MIKRU-JON leaves Frerino on the way to one of the one hundred fifty kilometer wide structures which orbit TALIN ANTHURESTA. There are problems with deflagrating Psi-matter and a net-like structure which follows the ship and transfers it to a different area of the Dyson sphere. Mikru has a suggestion to make to Rhodan. She says the ship has a real need for a pilot to be able to develop its full potential. It had watched Rhodan a long time and found that he was the only possible candidate for this job. Despite some risks that Mikru does not explain in detail, Rhodan agrees. He trusts the ship and the virtual woman completely, but appears to be deceived. He has to go naked into the tank, which had healed his severe burns some time earlier. Rhodan recognizes that he would have to merge completely with the ship and the spirit of earlier pilot fragments, and he begins to resist the merge. But he cannot escape because the tank will not open and the overwhelming foreign thoughts begin to shatter his spirit...

Jerry Schneiderman 2012-04-08

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