2553 - Die Stadt in der Mitte der Welt
The Town in the Middle of the World
Frank Borsch

Sinnafoch continues to dream of his first rebirth. In this time he and his friend Deliachlan lead a battle troop to one of insectoid Xerxen occupied planets. Their landing craft is shot and only a handful of soldiers survive. Deliachlan takes over the command, because Sinnafoch not is experienced enough to make the necessary decisions. Still, in the end, only Sinnafoch and Deliachlan are left. The latter does not allow Sinnafoch to give up and therefore enables a great victory for him. When the two are attacked by an overpowering number of Xerxens, Sinnafoch makes his friend allow them to be captured, because he supposes –correctly - that they will be brought to the Xerxen queen. He succeeds in escaping his bonds and killing the queen, so that her whole people lose their orientation and collapse. However, Sinnafoch also dies; in her death convulsions the queen pierces him with one of her legs. Sinnafoch reincarnates and receives the rank of a Frequency Follower as well as an inductive cell, due to which his consciousness changes. In the meantime, the Frequency Monarchy gets the upper hand in Kaskallen bit by bit. Now it uses the genetically modified D'Tar clones for the first time: The Darturka. One day Sinnafoch and Deliachlan meet once again. However, Sinnafoch does not recognize his old friend and sends him away, so that he can meet death in battle.

In the present Sinnafoch awakes when his companions have already left D'Tarm again. They had succeeded in penetrating up to the center of the town. F'har diverted the Circle-protectors with a feigned hunt for the "monster" Philip, so that Kruuper could reach the transfer chimney there. Nevertheless, this chimney turned out to be blocked and therefore unusable. Kruuper divested the control console of the chimney of various modules and used these modules to modify Sinnafoch’s controller. Another tractor duel occurred between F'har and Kritt'han, which F’har lost. But Kritt'han was actually only using the duel as a pretext to prove that F'har had granted a hiding place to intruders. The companions had to flee town with F'har’s tractor.

After Sinnafoch’s awakening Kruuper discovers a station on the edge of the world with the modified controller. The world view of the D'Tar is correct: The world is disc-shaped. The station contains a transfer chimney which can be directed on JERGALL. F'har and L'hete remind Sinnafoch of Deliachlan. He suggests to them that they come along through the transfer chimney. When they decline, he hands over to them two protective suits from the station. With the aid of these, it will be possible for them to assert themselves against their opponents and lead their people into a better future.

Jerry Schneiderman 2012-02-18

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