2552 - Totenspiel
Death Play
Frank Borsch

Sinnafoch is in despair. VATROX-CUUR, all the Vatrox and all the others beings belonging to the Frequency Monarchy in Andromeda are dead. The Hibernation worlds were destroyed, so that a rebirth is impossible. Death would therefore be the final end for Sinnafoch. The Okrivar Kruuper, as well as the Okrill Philip, Sinnafoch’s of only companions, tries to rouse the Vatrox. Sinnafoch has the idea to use one of the Hibernation worlds in Anthuresta. New clones could still be created there from cell samples of his current body. Therefore, Sinnafoch tries to use the trade-star FATICO to reach the connected trade-tar JERGALL in the distant galaxy Anthuesta. Nevertheless, the transfer fails due to Perry Rhodan’s use of psi-matter. As a result, Sinnafoch, Kruuper and Philip are transported to an unknown world. The Vatrox loses consciousness and dreams of his first rebirth in the age of the second hyperdepression. At that time he was on the move as a Frequency Aspirant in the galaxy Kaskallen belonging to the Frequency Monarchy and was fighting against the Xerxen. At that time the Frequency Monarchy did not have yet the same structures as in the present; for example, the Darturka did not exist yet. Though their precursors, the D'Tar, formed an alliance with the Frequency Monarchy, in contrast to the Darturka clones they were an independent race with individual views, wishes and fears. Sinnafoch had made friends with one of them named Deliachlan.

D'Tars still live on the planet which these three so very different companions reach in the present. Most of them believe, that their world D'Tarka is a disc in whose center is the city of D'Tarm surrounded by thirty-six concentrically constructed walls. Their technology level is relatively primitive (electricity and steam engines are considered as very modern) and they must follow numerous dogmas. The inventor F'har and his assistant L'hete travel by their steam powered vehicle to the location where Sinnafoch, Kruuper and Philip have arrived. F'har has just lost a competition with his sharpest opponent Kritt'han and then observed how the transfer chimney flickered. When he talks to Kruuper, he is inspired - the arrival of the beings which come from other worlds is a scientific sensation that should help F'har gain new respect. He smuggles the strangers into D'Tarm. Kruuper finds out that there is a vertically standing transfer chimney in the center of the town. This was virtually encased, because the D'Tars believe that the tube brings bad luck. Now and again strangers appear there, but they are burned to death by the so-called Circle-Preservers. Kruuper wants to reach the tower with his comrades, because there is no other possibility to leave this world again.

Remark: The competition described by the inventor F'har, with his nemesis Kritt'han is about the efficiency of his steam engine, and is a retelling of the presentation of the real Magdeburg hemispheres.

Jerry Schneiderman 2012-02-05

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