2551 - Das Wunder von Anthuresta
The Wonder of Anthuresta
Michael Marcus Thurner

An intelligent being which remembers hardly more than his name and job forms from the hypercrystal dust which lies around everywhere in the trade star. It name is Clun'stal, is a crystal engineer and must get in touch with his master Fogudare to become complete again, to get back all its memories and to protect TALIN ANTHURESTA - the Miracle of Anthuresta. As long as this has not happened, it calls itself Clun'stal Nothing - for Clun'stal is nobody. Joining with the crystal substance is difficult for Clun'stal. He is full of worry, because Fogudare does not seem to be in range of its senses. Moreover, strangers have penetrated into TALIN ANTHURESTA and the Psi-matter is acting up. Clun'stal tries to contact one of the strangers (the Concept Fellmer Lloyd / Ras Tschubai) and ask him for help. Nevertheless, the stranger reacts with panic and finally loses consciousness. Only when Clun'stal approaches him at a mental level in a dreamscape created by him which resembles the native country of Ras Tschubai, can a contact be established.

Perry Rhodan and his companions have brought the Concept - who had once again been wrapped by crystal dust, from which a roughly humanoid being has formed armless, with thin neck and oversized head without recognizable features and which disappeared afterwards to safety in a Shift. The Concept appears to die when the being runs off, but then his vital functions awake immediately again.

Nevertheless, he must remain under medical treatment and put into a regenerative sleep. Rhodan pulls connections between the hologram shown by his B controller and four cartouches which were found in the Hall of One Thousand Tasks on the planet Aveda in the Stardust system. Now the Terran turns to the menace from the Psi-foil beings and they receive unexpected help from Mikru, who can move outside of MIKRU-JON. The "soul" of the ship has absorbed numerous Psi-foils into itself, and feels an affinity to them. Among them, she has defeated "Torah" and added her to her own mental substance. Now, except for "Myles Kantor" who is on the rampage in the JULES VERNE and torments the crew (in particular Chucan Tica) with unreal, but extremely painful visions, there is only one Psi-foil left - and this was created by Ramoz.

There is only one possibility to defeat this Psi-foil. Rhodan must move his mind virtually into Mikru's and ask "Torah" for help, while Mondra Diamond must try to get Ramoz to cooperate. The two succeed - Rhodan promises "Torah" to provide for the fact that she will live on as a quasi-independent being for good inside Mikru. It turns out that the still free Psi-foil carries the name Drrdin and is very powerful. Mikru rushes at this semi-material being and soaks it up, but no information about the real Drrdin or Ramoz' past is to be found out from it. Thus strengthened Mikru can face off against "Myles Kantor" and defeat him. Mikru now disposes of countless recollections from almost all crew the members of the JULES VERNE, and her existence is thereby raised to a new level.

After Lloyd/Tschubai learns what Clun'stal and Fogudare represent and has woken up again, he can persuade the Terrans of Clun'stal's peaceful intentions. Rhodan is led to a "cemetery" in which several fossilized looking, 50 meter tall whale like beings stand these are the same type of beings that have been encountered in Far Away and the Hades Dark Cloud in Andromeda. Clun'stal tries to wake Fogudare. One of the fossilized whales actually starts to move, but Fogudare has become insane, because he seems to be the last of his kind left after the Great Song and cannot endure the loneliness anymore. The being starts to rage. It threatens to kill Rhodan and Mondra and possibly even destroy TALIN ANTHURESTA. The Concept teleports his friends to safety. Clun'stal asks Rhodan to kill Fogudare, because he cannot do it himself. The fossilized being awoken to life was only a kind of action body; the real Fogudare rests in a huge basin filled with some kind of liquid. Rhodan struggles with himself and finally flips a switch, after Lloyd has assured him that Fogudare really does want to die. The gigantic being and the whole basin disappear in an immense luminous apparition.

Mikru suddenly informs them that radio communication with the JULES VERNE has broken off and no more signs of life exist...

Jerry Schneiderman 2012-02-04

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