2550 - Die Welt der 20.000 Welten
The world of 20,000 worlds
Michael Marcus Thurner

Looking from the future: From a certain temporal distance the documentarian describes, among other things, the events of the 15th century NGE. The transfer of the JULES VERNE (JV-2 and middle section of the barbell ship) is described as a break. What Perry Rhodan caused in the galaxy Anthuresta, initiated unbelievable developments. The power of the Cosmocrats was to be broken and the cards in the card game of the higher powers reshuffled by it.

The ship is moving through the transfer tunnel generated by the trade star FATICO and Rhodan finds that only he – and possibly Julian Tifflor – are still conscious aboard. NEMO also does not react and the trip through an unbelievable transport medium continues. It continues for nearly five hours – and eventually the Terran also becomes unconscious.

When the people began to wake on board, the ship comes out near another trade star disguised as a sun. Before the Chief Scientist Abraham Camaro begins his work, Hyperphysicist Chucan Tica acts. First in cooperation with Chief Engineer Vanderbloom he takes of the fact that the ship can become maneuverable again. Afterwards Camaro reports the first facts on the still foreign trade star. It stretches 3,040 kilometers and has more than sixty-two protuberances, which are up to six hundred eighty kilometers long. With it the object is twice as big as FATICO.

Tica unexpectedly discovers a divergence in the matrix structure of the Aberois Stanton algorithm, which explains why NEMO is not working properly at the moment. The ancient scientist alarms the Main Bridge and orders them to make an emergency landing at the last minute on the surface of the trade star. A little later Tica points out that the immediate surroundings of the trade star are surrounded by Psi-matter. It is something special, because it shifts in physical state. It is also responsible for the fact that the other cosmic surroundings cannot be observed. At the same time the Concept Ras Tschubai / Fellmer Lloyd recognizes that Tica has a conversation partner whom he believes to be Myles Kantor. He is hiding this fact and theorizes it to be another aspect of the Psi thunderstorm.

In the course of the next hours, it turns out that the VERNE cannot launch. The Halftrack-Changeur Akika Urismaki makes the supposition that they are in Anthuresta. And the Shadow-Maahk Pral feels a mental presence which he gets in contact with - the Psi matter or a being which is being generated by it. He goes out on a mental excursion, while the Concept watches over his body.

In the conversation with the unreal Kantor, Tica soon speaks of a Psi-film. Kantor admits it is also food for not only him, but others of his kind. Their number is continuously growing. He is telling the truth and the Psi-film beings are bit by bit physically manifesting to each of the crewmembers. In the case of the Terran Resident it is his first wife Torah da Zoltral, which makes Mondra Diamond jealous, even though she cannot perceive her. Nobody can see the Psi-film haunting you.

At the end of four hours Pral is still on the move. This is also true of a number of robots, scientists and land troops under Lieutenant-colonel Ohliver Allegrement. They have gone onto the surface of the trade star and found a hangar gate. The Shadow-Maahk finally returns and reports: He perceived the Psi thunderstorm as a glittering-green sea and recognized structures in it. Pral identified a kind of controlling power and tracked it in the course of his excursion. As a result he found a psionic net whose center is formed by the trade star and stretches two astronomical units. It appears as if an immense number of worlds are stuck to its hull at the external frontiers of the net. The Psi density was also at its greatest there. In the end, Pral felt the presence of a living being which he probably woke up with his return.

It awoke due to an external influence. But it was a slow awakening and at first was filled with only the question of what he or it was. He or it realized that it had once had a job. It was a matter of gathering what it took to become stronger and more knowledgeable. Now the being wants to learn about the new guest. It is beginning to finally understand what its job is. It was a matter of seeing to Fogudare (whoever that is), because the master was in danger.

After Pral’s report, Rhodan takes a team and leaves the VERNE – where, in the meantime, the first Psi-film being dissipates – and opens the hangar gate with his B-controller. The team penetrates with all due care deeper into the trade star and soon stands on a transfer deck. It has huge magnitude and, therefore, is intended for the transfer of spaceships. Four transfer chimneys exist there, as does a central shaft which reaches 1500 km into the depth. The group dives into it and bumps into forks which lead to hangars, storerooms and more.

In the meantime, the 28th of April has begun, and when Tica angers Kantor the Psi-film being changes, taking on animalistic characteristics. He claims that he will soon be the last Psi-film left and become solid. He is doing this by sucking in the energy of the other Psi-film beings. Once he completes this process he will then take the vital energy from the rest of the crew and disappear with the JULES VERNE from this place.

A little later, this alarming development is noticed aboard the Vern. The concept feels something unusual and is encouraged by Pral to follow it. Tschubai/Lloyd teleports with Rhodan, Mondra diamond and the shadow Maahk - and they find themselves in the machine town Ambur-Karbush. However it turns out to only be a copy of this and it makes clear that there is a relationship between the Anthurianer, who were the builders of the trade star, and the super intelligence ES. The ground in the town is covered by hyper Crystal dust. When the concept picks up a little of it the dust tries to wrap him up. Tschubai/Lloyd begins to frantically teleports and heads for the center of the trade star.

When he is finally caught up to, he is on another transfer deck with only one chimney. This one looks much older than the first one. When Rhodan activates his B – controller a hologram forms. It shows the trade star above which disk worlds manifest themselves. The final count comes to a total of exactly 20,000 worlds like Wanderer. While the concept was covered with hyper dust he also received the mental concepts: Crystal engineers, master builder, Esnur, the Grand Songs.

Jerry Schneiderman 2012-01-20

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