255 - Sperrzone Andromeda
Forbidden Zone: Andromeda
Clark Darlton


03 2404. Thanks to Kalak, Rhodan gains some knowledge on the Andromeda topography. In its center, a 20,000 light years wide sphere is a restricted area. This sphere is surrounded by a 500 light years wide crown, home of a people that forbids the access to the inner sphere to anyone. This people is called the Tefrodians. Rhodan decides to head for the center of the galaxy. When they reach the Tefrodians' realm, the Terrans confronts a ship and captures four Tefrodians. The Terrans are stunned to see how the Tefrodians look like them, not only biologically and physically, but also technologically. The four Tefrodians almost escape and are killed in their attempt.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

A Terran courier vessel reaches the KA-Inexpensive platform, in orbit around Ollus. It announces that the revolt of the Maahks in Andro-Alpha spreads.

On March 6, 2404 the KHREST III penetrates for the first time into the Andromeda nebula. The "Masters of the Island" have designated a sphere of 20,000 light years of diameter around the center of the Andromeda Galaxy as a forbidden zone. When the men of the KHREST III explore a damaged Geidses vessel very close to this zone, a Tefrodian vessel emerges. It looks surprisingly like a Terran cruiser. The vessel attacks them and is destroyed. Four surviving Tefrodians are brought aboard the KHREST III. The Tefrodians, also named Guards of the Center, and who have the confidence of the "Masters of the Island", are similar to humans. After a medical exam, the four prisoners are freed. While three of them quickly find the death, the Tefrodian named Hokota succeeds in leaving the KHREST with a Mosquito hunter. Before being shot down and killed, he warns a Tefrodian station by radio about the presence of the powerful KHREST III.

The Tefrodian admiral, Ramolo, thinks that Hokota saw the "Masters of the Island" themselves and that he has been punished.

Michael P. Mahoney

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