2549 - Feueraugen
Fire Eyes
Hubert Haensel

While everyone physically feels the presence of a superior mental power on board the JV-1, the Atto RourSi has an additional problem. He inadvertently offended against a taboo of his race and changed his shape in the presence of Gucky. He has thus stamped himself as an outcast. Meanwhile a fire eye is located in the Main Bridge after the destruction of Hibernation-6. It initially represents no direct danger and even seems to burn away. Then the Ilt appears and tells Atlan that he has important news for Perry Rhodan. By Trafitron mode the JV-1 heads out and approaches the trade star FATICO.

On board the JV-2, meanwhile, Rhodan has the feeling of being observed by the two locally present fire eyes. While the center section of the JULES VERNE docks again and Julian Tifflor comes to Rhodan and Mondra Diamond, control of the trade star is finally lost. The Frequency Monarchy must unquestionably have a C-CONTROLLER. Moreover, the Krathvira soul trap did not absorb all the local Vamus. Therefore Vatrox continue to live, protected by the high-ranking Polyport controllers on the still present battle lights or, more likely, the fire eyes. This is the situation when Atlan shows up with the JV-1.

At approximately the same moment, Frequency Follower Sinnafoch on board the battle tower VART receives the mental instruction from VATROX-CUUR to attack the opponent in savage despair with the fire eyes. The Vatrox communicates this to the Okrill Philip, who suggests, at least playing with the opponent. Sinnafoch must smile at this proposal of the Okrill’s, which has attained intelligence owing to an inductive cell. On the other hand, though, the Vatrox is scared for his life. Two more Hibernation worlds still exist in Anthuresta, but his gene material is not stored there.

By cage transmitter Gucky comes on board the JV-2 and visits Rhodan. It swiftly becomes clear that the Ilt was taken over by VATROX-CUUR. The Triumvir of the Frequency Monarchy complains about the Terrans at first because of the encroachments on the Polypor net, but then offers co-operation in the fight against VATROX-VAMU, the actual enemy. The cell activator carrier rejects this unjustified demand.

Rhodan abruptly sees himself transferred to another location. Is it again that netherworld he had visited during his recent near death experience? After some time, the Terran Resident comes to the realization that he is being manipulated by VATROX-CUUR. Then Atlan is suddenly standing beside him and demands that he cooperate with VATROX-CURR, for the sake of mankind. It comes to an argument between the two men, which ends fatally for the Arkonide…

Next Gucky comes to Rhodan and transforms into the image of the Terraner. In this way, VATROX-CUUR tries to curry favor for himself with the Terran. However Rhodan remains steadfast and fears the next step of his adversary will be the destruction of the JV-2…

The two Rhodans shift back and forth between the netherland and the JV-2. The genuine one arrives at the realization that VATROX CUUR is bluffing. The Triumvir can be seen as the sum of all Vatrox and is long weakened due to the Krathvira soul trap. Rhodan finally manages to use his remaining psi-ball - and the men and women of the JV-2 awake from the mental gagging. At the same time Rhodan’s double undergoes a physical change. The Concept Ras Tschubai/Fellmer Lloyd teleports the now freed RourSi into a Medostation.

On board the VART Sinnafoch feels the evaporation of VATROX-CUUR. This unbelievable and incomprehensible process shows that the trade star will soon be lost. In order to prevent this - and also, in order to escape the suicide urge - the Vatrox transfers to the FATICO. He is accompanied by Philip and the Okrivar Kruuper.

As it turns out, Gucky never left the JV-1. It was actually RourSi affected by VATROX-CUUR, who changed into the shape of the Ilt on the JV-2. Now in the Medostation, he regains his own shape. He is brought by Gucky back onto the JV-1, where he is to recover. The information that the Atto might have gained, can wait.

FATICO sudden becomes active. The trade star develops two transfer tunnels, which reach for the JV-1 and JV-2/Middle section. While the JV-1 barely escapes, the JV-2 dematerializes and remains missing.

One day later, at noon on April 26th and RourSi heralds the end of VATROX CUUR, the Atto speaks over the radio to all the races of Andromeda. He exhorts them to continue facing the future united.

Meanwhile, the automatic border measuring station OORT-149 at the edge of the Sol system locates an energy phenomenon, which suddenly materializes. It is identified as a fire eye and the OORT-149 gives the alarm…

Jerry Schneiderman 2012-01-19

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