2548 - Hibernationswelten
Hibernation Worlds
Hubert Haensel

April 25, 1463 NGE: the allies raise their hand for the crucial blow against the Hibernation worlds of the Frequency Monarchy in Andromeda. Their advantage consists in the fact that they are in relative security if they withdraw into the nearness of the trade star FATICO or the distributor depots, because the Frequency Monarchy cannot risk damaging these so important facilities by their own fire. The allies, nevertheless, suffer heavy losses, especially in the Bengar cluster of stars where Admiral Ipthey-Hüriit from the Jülziish people of the Apasos coordinates the attacks on KJALLDAR and HASTAI. His fleet threatens to die in a hyperhurricane, which the "fire eye" has released by the ignition of Psi-matter. He gets unexpected help from one thousand five hundred ships of the Andromeda Haluters. Sturben Rager announces himself. He explains that the Haluters of Halpat actually wanted to keep out of all the confrontations. However, in view of the destruction of the Sicatemo system they have decided differently. Now half of their people will participate in the fighting. Later on, another fifteen thousand ships of numerous races from Andromeda appear. They also do not want to stand back if it is about the defense of their homeland. In the hidden space of DARASTO Perry Rhodan once again produces contact with Homunk. He learns something astonishing. His controller is no normal copy of the B type, and it is even possible to fit out an A-controller with higher ranking authorizations by which they are lifted practically onto the level of a B-controller. ES does so with a controller, which Colonel Gregor Tovar - the half Arkonide and second base commander of Gleam, who is to become Rhodan’s deputy on DARASTO - receives. Homunk also informs Rhodan that VATROX-VAMU has become active in the Far Away star cluster. When Rhodan tries to reach the court NEO-OLYMP there via Polyport-radio, he gets no answer.

At twelve o'clock of that afternoon the attack begins to roll. All parts of the fleet use small amounts of Psi-matter from the fund which Rhodan received from Homunk. The Psi-matter bombs can be programmed so that they release either hyperphysical shock waves, or carry out a suggestive command on all the Vatrox in the wide vicinity, so that they are forced to suicide, so that their Vamus can be soaked up by the Krathvira soul prisons. The Concept Lloyd/Tschubai ignites a small amount of Psi-matter in the distributor depot LORRAND near to Hibernation-6 and thereby gains so much power that he can teleport the depot two million kilometers far away.

Within the shortest time all the remaining Hibernation worlds are destroyed. The Vamu of 1.384 billion Vatroxes are collected. With this success, they must still face their own terrible losses. But suddenly the system with Hibernation-6 is wrapped in a protection screen. A powerful mental presence approaches the JULES VERN-1 cell from the Hibernation world. Gucky is the first to suffer from it, but other crew members soon also break down…

Jerry Schneiderman 2012-01-09

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