2547 - Garrabo in den Tod
Garrabo To The Death
Marc A. Herren

The Frequency Monarchy besieges FATICO, in whose protection the ships of the allies have withdrawn. Because the trade star may not be endangered, the battle lights do not attack it. But an attack is possibly approaching "from inside". It seems as if somebody is on the spot with a B- or C-controller who is trying to gain control over the trade star. Julian Tifflor proceeds through a transfer chimney to DARASTO and switches over to the JULES VERNE, which divides into its three constituent cells. Now Atlan brings the naval parts of the allies into position like the figures of a Garrabo game - of the game, which he learned in 8036 BC, at the age of seven years from his tutor Fartuloon on Gortavor.

Julian Tifflor takes over command of the JV center section. Perry Rhodan remains with the JV-2 under the command of Kala Romka at the trade star to keep using his B-controller to reset its facilities in order to foil the attempts by the Frequency Monarchy to take control of it. Atlan, who commands the JV-1, moves parts of the fleet to FATICO which opens the second front there, so that the battle lights suffer damaging losses and finally withdraw. Atlan does not participate in the battles, but flies on to the Holoin Pentagon which is also still besieged. This threat must be switched off, because the supplies from the Milky Way are guaranteed over this sun transmitter. It comes to a space battle in which the fleet of the Frequency Monarchy is worn down. The trap system of the space time labyrinth turns out, in this connection, to be a crucial advantage. It is repeatedly observed how a shipyard platform of the Paddlers almost - but not completely - materializes.

After this success the simultaneous attack for the remaining Hibernation worlds is prepared. Numerous Krathvira soul prisons are distributed to the various parts of the fleet. During the waiting period Atlan receives the Atto RourSi, who has already made friends with Gucky. RourSi passes on his knowledge about the Okrivars to Atlan (they come originally from Anthuresta and neither clones nor Duplos can evidently be made from them). Then he occupies the crew of the ship with a story and celebrates the Flame ritual of the Attos. But April twenty-fourth, the day before the crucial attack, the Frequency Monarchy once again demonstrates that it still has trumps in hand. Two "fire eyes" like the one that appeared before the destruction of Sicatemo emerge near the FATICO.

Then April twenty-fifth begins and so does the attack on the Hibernation worlds. As before, the Frequency Monarchy is to be distracted previously by diversionary maneuvers. For this purpose the allies attack the distributor depots KJALLDAR and HASTAI in the Bengar star cluster. But a fire eye also materializes there, approaching the allied fleetů

Jerry Schneiderman 2011-12-19

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