2546 - 26 Minuten bis ITHAFOR
26 Minutes to ITHAFOR
Arndt Ellmer

The Atto RourSi sits in a cell in the ultra-battleship MICHAEL FREYT III and thinks over his last few weeks. He is a kind of bard (he explores the myths and legends of all sorts of people and spreads them among other nations) and infiltrated himself into the Frequency Monarchy because he wanted to find out the truth about the rumors of diminutive descendants of the Maahks, the Okrivars. He encounters some of them and learned that these beings need a home world in every conquered galaxy, - and that it would be a huge blow for them and the Frequency Monarchy, should these worlds ever fall into the hands of the enemy. Once he is satisfied with a few tricks that the crew of the ultra-battleship is not Duplos or clones of the Frequency Monarchy, he wants to pass on his knowledge to them.

Meanwhile Sinnafoch, the self-appointed new commander of the Frequency Monarchy in Andromeda, discovers to his horror that VATROX-CUUR has been weakened since the loss of one hundred fifty million Vamus. Countless Vatroxes have since committed suicide to strengthen the entity. Morale has reached a low point, since it has been found that the Frequency Monarchy is not invincible. Sinnafoch realizes that he must act quickly.

The allies also plan their next steps after the destruction of Hibernation-3. Further severe blows against the Frequency Monarchy are to be carried out as quickly as possible, both from space and on the Polyport network. All the Andromeda and Galacticum races (especially Posbis , who have mass produced BOXES) contribute more to the fleet quotas. The Maahks inform them that serial production of Krathvira soul-traps has already begun. As many of the Frequency Monarchy occupied Polyport-yards and distributor depots as possible are to be conquered. These attacks are actually meant to serve for the diversion of the main attack against the remaining Hibernation worlds. All these worlds must be attacked simultaneously.

Perry Rhodan first transferred the Polyport-yard DARASTO with his B-controller to Gleam, the Andromeda base of the Galactic Fleet . Rhodan is amazed at how easy this procedure proceeds - the court seems to move through the Polyport network and reach its destination in a few minutes. Rhodan and then Lloyd / Tschubai travel to ITHAFOR to pass on eighteen A-controllers to the LFT. The "flight" runs with a curious slowness, but the estimated travel time of twenty-six minutes is not exceeded. After the two are met in ITHAFOR by the somewhat overzealous security chief Tanio Ucuz, they then speak to Julian Tifflor and exchange information. Thousands of small spaceships, Shifts and war robots are to be provided over the Polyport network in order to intervene at any time in the upcoming battles.

Tifflor and Ucuz accompany Rhodan and Lloyd / Tschubai to Andromeda. There Akika Urismaki apologizes for the troubling journey. He then goes to allegedly damaged Polyport sled to fix it. Rhodan wonders what was supposedly broken, since the thing has no propulsion system of its own. Tiff flies on to explore the trade star FATICO. There, on April 21, 1463 NGE the red alarm sounds: 40,000 battle lights are beginning an attack and ten times the force of gravity suddenly hits the trade star. All the clever plans of the alliance are now obsolete - Sinnafoch has surprised them. Atlan is forced to now (and not, as originally scheduled until April 25) order the attack on Hibernation-6...

Jerry Schneiderman 2011-12-09

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