2545 - Vatrox-Tod
Vatrox Death
Michael Marcus Thurner

On April 10, 1463 NGE the fifth contingent of the Galactic fleet: 30,000 units, including 10,000 Haluter ships arrive to reinforce the armed forces of the allies. The total force is divided up. 40,000 ships are bound to securing the trade star, while 45,000 units fly on April 15 into the Facet Nebula to attack Hibernation-3. The tactical advance is planned by Perry Rhodan and Atlan during a ping pong game, and command remains with the Arkonide. Strong troop units carry out diversionary maneuvers at various points in Andromeda. It comes to great losses, but the action is successful: Atlan’s fleet is able to approach the Hibernation world unnoticed. The planet is protected by ten thousand battle light of all sizes - actually, a highly superior force.

The hopes of the allies rest on the Krathvira soul-trap. The would-be Nexialist Roman Schleifer works together for several days with the Maahk Grek-17 and the scientists of the JULES VERNE to modify the device to allow the Vamu of deceased Vatroxes to be collected by it. In this way, the rebirth of the key strategists of the enemy can be stopped. Schleifer, who has the ability to see the auras of other living things, recognize their emotional state and sometimes even modify them finally realizes that the UBSEF constants of the Vatroxes are directed to the Hibernation worlds by a certain hyper-oscillation. He suspects that the name "Frequency Monarchy" refers to this search impulse in the Dakkar range which the Vatrox sends out at the moment of death, after which it is “attracted” to one of the Hibernation worlds. The Krathvira will then be aligned to this frequency. This will make it possible to determine the whereabouts of living Vatrox.

The Krathvira is installed on the ultra-battleship MICHAEL FREYT III, which is to lead the attack on Hibernation-3 as an "icebreaker". The entire fleet crosses the position transmitter created by the MOTRANS-platform MYLES KANTOR. The battle begins. There will be terrible losses on both sides. Roman Schleifer is at the forefront, as a Gaid ship belonging to the Frequency Monarchy is boarded. As it was detected with the help of Krathvira that a Vatrox is on board, the effect of the soul catcher is tested here - and indeed, the Vamu is caught in it after the death of the Vatrox. Schleifer is surprised when a wounded Okrivar who wanted to surrender, turns into a giant white rabbit. It is a shape-shifter from the people of Atto . The Galactics take the being with them. Schleifer must paralyze Grek-17 to allow the Terran space soldiers to retreat, as the Maahk is against it.

Later in the battle the Krathvira is used to attract one Vamu after the other and destroys them. The enemy fleet increasingly behaves in an uncoordinated manner. Finally, the Gaids, throwing themselves without regard for their own lives into the struggle, fly attacks on Hibernation world. They do not want to conquer it, but to destroy it - in revenge for what was done to their people, and to prevent further danger emanating from it for their nearby home system. Atlan tries to talk them into not doing it, but does not physically try to stop them. The Vamu of 150 million beings are caught up in the Krathvira. The allies lost nearly 20,000 ships, of which 13,500 were Gaid ships.

Jerry Schneiderman 2011-11-27

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