2543 - Flucht nach Talanis
Flight to Talanis
Hubert Haensel

VATROX-VAMU scans all the inhabitants of the Stardust system and seems to collect not only all the attainable information about the system, but to also look for something in particular. The mental presence of the entity is too much for the humans and other living beings. They all lose consciousness. The grand computer CREST integrated into many of the worlds’ processes prevents the worst from happening. Only the people who were touched by the gold shower of sparks (and their descendants) remain capable of acting. Shanda Sarmotte, Huslik Valting and Rence Ebion are some of them. Rence is a man who earns his living by optimizing other peoples’ products. His newest project is the improvement of robot battle spaceships for the Whistler-Stardust & Company. Shanda believes to hear a call that asks her to flee to Talanis. She gets mental contact with Rence which has also heard the call and wants to join the two others. Valting, who still possesses valid codes from his time as a politician, prepares a glider for takeoff. To be able to take the unconscious Fakan Noorgeg and Vorremar Corma along, Valting activates the bearer robot of the Siganese.

Some hours after the arrival of VATROX-VAMU the humans awake again, but are no longer themselves. They do not seem to be interested in their surroundings, although they do speak with each other. When Rence touches one of these people, who act like they are under remote control, they all suddenly focus upon and try to capture him. They can mentally perceive each other, but not Rence. The young man barely escapes them. Shanda and Valting also run into danger. Vorremar Corma also awakes, but he is possessed by a foreign entity. VATROX-VAMU has chosen him, because he has already been on Talanis. He demands to be brought to the Hall of One Thousand Tasks and becomes furious when the demand is not immediately obeyed. He prepares to shoot Shanda with Corm’s robot, but Rence reaches the glider just in time and interrupts this.

Rence recognizes what is happening. A Para-gift has been activated in him by the events of the last few hours, possibly due to the presence of VATROX-VAMU. He can disintegrate matter by force of will - and he does exactly this with the weapon arm of the robot. Shanda catches herself the Siganese, who then falls unconscious. However, she prevents Rence from killing him. The three companions leave behind Corma and Fakan and fly to the Talanis. The glider is permitted to land on the island. When she gets out, Shanda believes in feeling the presence of many people who like Rence and herself...

Jerry Schneiderman 2011-10-29

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