2542 - Shandas Visionen
Shanda’s Visions
Hubert Haensel

Shanda Sarmotte is the daughter of two humans who were touched by the golden shower of sparks. She is a late bloomer, slightly naive and with little understanding for complicated connections. Her father regards her as mentally simpleminded, but her mother believes that she is something special. Shanda turns out to actually be psi-gifted, but keeps it to herself. She can not only perceive the thoughts and emotions of other people, but seem to project her mind into their bodies to share their experiences. She has never succeeded in doing this consciously, it simply happens. Moreover, she cannot take over control of her "host's” body. After the death of her parents in 1457 NGE in a glider accident on the planet Cataract for which Shanda considers herself responsible (Shanda was saved by Rokingers from the glider wreck), she lives with a friend of her parents whom she calls "uncle". She suffers from being considered simpleminded – but even more, from the foreign impressions, that uncontrollably wash over her again and again. It is a proud day when she finds a job in a pharmaceutical company and finds the work simple to do.

She discovers that she also has another special ability. She can intuitively pre-calculate herself the most complicated mechanical processes. It gives her pleasure to secretly deactivate the security protocols and to move with somnambulistic security between the countless robotic claw arms of the warehouse’s processing facility. Shanda pays little attention to the events in the Stardust system which provide for increasing restlessness (which is still heated up by the sensational press companies). The Sextadim veil becomes permeable and a foreign fleet supposedly penetrates into the system. Voices are expressed which demand an escape to the islands in the fog dome, because only ES can still help Stardust mankind. It comes to riots on many planets when the Trivid stations state that Zyx already lies under enemy fire. Shanda is herself involved in the events when a man wants to steal a space jet and takes Shanda hostage along with an old man. Security forces end the kidnapping. Only an address by Administrator Whistler brings about calm – it turns out that the strangers have still not delivered a single shot.

Shanda has her own worries, because her initiative in the warehouse blows up in her face. Her boss Fakan Noorgeg puts her to task for endangering her life with the robot arms and threatens to fire her. A bit later he calls her to his office, where she believes she is going to be fired. It turns out that Vorremar Corma, Huslik Valting and someone that seems to be an unpleasant bodyguard have come to question her. Corma has learned about Shanda’s parents, and now wants to find out with his mutant detector whether his theory is correct. When the Siganese pressures the unnerved young woman to accompany him for a test, Noorgeg intervenes. He throws out the unpleasant guests. Nevertheless, they come back after a little while, knock out Noorgeg and try to kidnap Shanda. Though she can hide in the warehouse for a while, and knock out Valtig and the bodyguard by tricking hem into the path of some of the robot arms, Corma tracks her down and intends to paralyze her. But Shanda suddnely feels a dreadful mental blow. In contrast to Corma, she remains conscious. She perceives millions of foreign mental impulses which are united into one single strong mind. She perceives the name of the entity. He is VATROX-VAMU.

Jerry Schneiderman 2011-10-18

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