2541 - Geheimprojekt Stardust
Secret Project Stardust
Christian Montillon

Vorremar Corma is hit by paralysis beams, but the dose was so high that the Siganese received an almost fatal dose of the radiation. He is treated in the facilities of the Furtok Interstellar Company. They save his life, but hold him in custody. Neither Helen Furtok, chairperson of the Party for Interstellar Peace, nor Administrator Whistler can dissuade Corma from his conspiracy theory. Finally, Whistler initiates the Siganesen into secret government plan. It was intended to install a system-spanning Paratron screen. The screen was to be activated when the battle lights approached - by chance at just that moment when the second Sextadim veil was based. However, the facility was not completely finished yet, therefore, parts of it exploded. The FIC was acting completely officially by order of the government; they had simply not wanted to inform the public yet. Corma must agree to continue to hold this information secret. Huslik Valting, who acted on his own initiative and entered which the FIC head office to search for his friend is caught and taken to meet Helen Furtok. Corma is taken to Huslik and the two are let go. Valting believes to perceive a bad change in Corma. The man still believes that they have not told the whole truth to him, which possibly has to do with the new mutants, whose existence Corma assumes. The Siganese wants to look for these mutants with the aid of the mutant detector stolen by Valting.

Meanwhile, all the spaceships which were not in the Stardust system at the time of the activation of the second Sextadim veil have possibility to return to their homeland. This also applies to the cruisers which accompanied Perry Rhodan to CROSS WHEEL and are now, together with some Elfahder ships, on the way back (a part of the squadron has stayed behind with the Polyport court). From on board their ship CATARACT, Stuart Lexa and Sean Legrange observe what happens on the edge of the veil. Battle lights of the Frequency Monarchy are fighting against units in the form of truncated cone that are arriving. On February 8, 1463 NGE a critical moment is reached: two bodiless entities arrive which can be located only because of their enormous UHF potential. Because of the mental pressure radiated by them all the Stardust-Terrans and the Elfahders experience extreme headaches. Stuart Lexa suffers especially hard from these headaches and in addition gets mental contact with the entities, finding out that they are VATROX-DAAG and VATROX-VAMU. The conical ships are units of the Jaranoc.

VATROX-VAMU expels his rival and its reserve units. On February eleventh, the Sextadim veil begins to flicker. Stuart Lexa finds out that this is due to the activity of the Hyperdim-Perforator, which has taken up position within the veil. The veil becomes permeable for VATROX-VAMU and the conical ships. VATROX-VAMU crosses the veil. The pains immediately disappear, but the concern about the Stardust system prepares the people great concern…

Jerry Schneiderman 2011-10-07

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