254 - Die Geistersonne
The Ghost Sun
H.G. Ewers


As Rhodan and his friends are escaping from the Emerald vegetal being, the Khrest III is surrounded by a series of hallucinations that make the ship drift away from the second planet. The source of these fantasies is identified as coming from Emerald I, where a powerful being is trying to hypnotize them. After destroying it, the Khrest II gets back on Emerald II. Meanwhile, on the planet, Rhodan finds out that the Paddlers who survived the crash have been fighting the Emerald being for the past 800 years. With the Terrans help, they escape and destroy Emerald II.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

Pucky and Baar Lun ally themselves with the Paddlers of Ollok to protect themselves against the plant monsters of Bengal. Survivors of the KC-15 are plunged into a “virtual” world.

The plant entity that reigns on the first planet of Emerald, feels menaced by the KHREST III. It deceives the Terran vessel with the projection of a sun. When the crew realizes the deception and that the vessel is captured by a field of the Bluul, teleporters explode an arkonide bomb on Emerald 1. The field dies out and the KHREST III rushes to the aid of the survivors of the KC-15. They are taken aboard with the six thousand Paddlers of OL-Helpful.

Michael P. Mahoney

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