2537 - Der Handelsstern
The Trade Star
Leo Lukas

Aboard the MIKRU-JON Perry Rhodan, Mondra Diamond and the others awake from a short unconsciousness. The systems of the spaceship are also just starting again and the radio communication system responds. The surprise applies to both sides, because it is Atlan on the other end, who would have counted on many things, but not on meeting with the barbarian of Terra.

The greeting aboard the JULES VERNE is warm, and the barbell ship returns to the rendezvous point of the allied fleet. Afterwards the Tefroder Meruv Tatur and the Gaid Daore Hapho come aboard for an information exchange. Grek-1 Pral and Grek-11 also join in. The fundamentalist explains that two thousand five hundred heavy battleships of his people are already set off in the direction of the Bengar star cluster. In addition they are placing at the disposal of the alliance the known command codes of the Frequency Monarchy.

The unification of all the known data produces the knowledge about the locations of six Hibernation worlds, four trade stars and the locations of the distributor depots as well as their Polyport courts. From it arises the goal of executing a massive blow against the Hibernation worlds. First however, Rhodan pleads to explore a trade star. As an aside, the Sicatemo supernova is elected as a symbol of the resistance against the Frequency Monarchy.

The nearest trade star, name Star One, stands at a distance of twenty thousand light years and becomes the destination of the barbell ship. On the way the scientists Abrahams Camaro, Iris Shettle, Ponson Merez and Chucan Tica get indications from Grek-11 of the way the ÜBSEF intercepting device works. The fundamentalist has decided to put all his cards on the table. But the flight is so short that not much is revealed for now.

The trade star presents itself to the Galactics as an orange sun with a diameter of a million kilometers, a pseudo-material projection. The Meta-sensors unmasked the object as being roughly round with a diameter of 16.5 kilometers. From it juts out quills, spirals and towers which are one hundred seventeen kilometers long. A maximum diameter of 250.5 kilometers arises from it. The surface looks charred, burnt-out, consumed by VATROX-VAMU. Nevertheless the object still contains nine hundred twenty gram of Psi-matter.

It is first back to the location Holoin-Pentagon where another twenty-five thousand Posbi ships from the Milky Way have arrived. There, on March 31, Rhodan talks the Arkonide into launching a commando mission against the only functioning trade star. The Class-B controller will play an important role, but so will the Psi-matter placed at Rhodan’s disposal by ES. The approach to the red dwarf that destroyed Sicatemo, takes place on April 4th. It is found out that the trade star in its sun camouflage is at least two thousand kilometers thick. The VERNE approaches up to four hundred nine light years, then channels out the MIKRU-JON, camouflaged as a battle light ferry. Aboard are Rhodan, Gucky, Grek-1 and the Concept Ras Tschubai/Fellmer Lloyd, plus one hundred modified battle robots, all disguised as Darturka-clone soldiers. By means of Grek-11’s command codes the approach to the trade star succeeds. There the docking maneuver follows - and nobody recognizes that it is a trap.

At another time and place: a meeting takes place every seventy-seven full periods, but Pü S'Karbunc did not want to cross the portal to the other side. His six Cos Mäddones make fun of him for it and his Pre-Maeddont Pü S'Tulapaposer reprimands him gently, but firmly. He had never had the chance to go over, because before seventy-seven full periods ago his genetic donor had still been in his youth. Once a Cos Mäddone of his, named Pü S'Tulubcorn had remained over on the other side, because he had found fulfillment there with another. Finally S'Tulapaposer bribes S'Karbunc with the indication of receiving the location of other Apokryphe Media libraries if he first visits the other side. So S'Karbunc visits the ceremonial location on a riding Saurus. Shortly afterward, his temporal organ tells him that the expiration of a full seventy-seven full periods has passed and Cryton, the metal man, begins to speak. Afterwards the robot opens the portal and seven groups of seven enter the tunnel.

Meanwhile, from the other side the Light Man Dimmer leads children into the tunnel. They meet saurians and take possession of them as riding animals. This includes Satwa who actually has no desire for all this. But then she recognizes that it is not saurian who will be her partner, but this thing that she had regarded at first as a pimple covered carpet. She and S'Karbunc attain a perfect resonance and merge physically as well as mentally with each other. Satwa and S'Karbunc understand that her Para-gland and his psi-mental discourse fistulae are extremely compatible with each other. Their Sagh quotient is what made the difference, though. So they proceed on a journey through the wide world of FATICO. So they get to know many of the sectioned off areas where other inhabitants live. But they also meet other travelers who ask themselves as they do her, who has created all this. But nobody knows and so the journey goes on, so that they can extend their horizon.

Finally, they come upon Lauscha, a shabby being who begs them to kill him, but they refuse. Lauscha tells them that he had also had a mental partner, Pü S'Tulubcorn. But as they had lost the qualifying round, S'Tulubcorn was disposed of and Lauscha left to his destiny, for they tolerated no failures. From this, Satka and S'Karbunc raise the desire to make it through the qualifying round - and the knowledge flows into them of where they have to go now. The journey is over, and now they go upwards to the light, to wisdom. They are told their new region to care for, where Satwa and S'Karbunc maintain and look after the flora and fauna. But one day their instructor Kezzket, who externally resembles Satwa if one ignored the tail and the predator’s skull, that they must learn to kill. It subsequently comes to a shooting party consisting of seven mental partner-pairs. They must each hunt down and kill a copy of Kezzket. After this, all that are left are Satwa who turns out to be a Tefroder female with S'Karbunc, an avian with an insect swarm as a partner and a four-armed warrior with a psi-potent net like being.

The next round (given them by a Vatrox) is a planning game. The two also make it through this and reach the final round. Afterwards they get to know from Kezzket that the FATICO is a trade star. Also, Satwa’s genetic matrix came from the planet Chatria. Frequency Follower Vastrear, the commander of FATICO, still had many other copies of other races of Hathorjan also cloned and matured at an accelerated rate. The symbionts, for their part, come originally from Anthuresta. After the final round the pair stand at the Frequency Follower’s side as his autochthonous orderly, an advisor.

Vastrear gives them their crowning final examination personally. Satwa and S'Karbunc should set up a firm, distinctive warning to the Galactics. The result completely fulfills the needs of the Frequency Follower and is pronounced on the radio - then Sicatemo becomes the supernova.

The next job for Satwa and S'Karbunc are to capture at least one key person among the opponents, who is a cell activator bearer. They obey the order, but Satwa also has something else in mind. She has figured out that Lauscha is actually in charge of the cloning and training process on the trade star and kills him. She does not want any more clones of her produced that might threaten her position. She strives to move farther upwards, dreaming of becoming a new Factor I, as S'Karbunc recognizes. After all, as the cloned Tefroder comments smiling, a young woman needs a model who she can orientate herself towards…

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