2536 - Der Verborgene Raum
The Secret Space
Arndt Ellmer

It is March twenty-second and all the allied ships have left the Sicatemo system. Only the JULES VERNE remains there, as Atlan wants to collect data for as long as possible about what happens to the sun Sicatemo. Kantor sextants and meta-sensors measure and transmit the data to NEMO. Finally, the sun becomes a supernova. Atlan now commands Colonel Tristan Kasom to begin the flight out.

A few days earlier, Perry Rhodan is together with the Concept Ras Tschubai / Fellmer Lloyd in the hidden room on board the Polyport-court DARASTO. He identifies the voice that speaks to him as that of Homunk. The messenger of the superintelligence ES appears as a hologram and indicates that this space can only be entered with the B-controller in conjunction with the emanations of Rhodan’s cell activator. ES has secured DARASTO, as well as the courts in the Milky Way. DARASTO is to become the base for the resistance in Hathorjan. He is also informed that trade stars can be identified with the B-controller. There are four of these in Andromeda, three of which are damaged beyond repair. The fourth is on the edge of Bengar. This must have been moved by the enemy of the Frequency Monarchy be done, who also stole the PARALOX-ARSENAL (VATROX-VAMU?).

Next, Rhodan learns from Homunk about the events that have happened over the course of four hyper-depressions. Ten million years ago the Anthurianers of Anthuresta began the construction of the Polyport network within eleven galaxies in order to alleviate the plight of the races there. It was not unknown to ES, because an Eiris connection exists between the local group and the distant places, the two parts of his power of concentration. The Vatrox became the helpers of the Anthurianers, but rose against them during the first hyper-depression and even became the masters. The Frequency Monarchy arose, which one day created its own worst enemy, namely VATROX-VAMU. At the same time, they created the PARALOX ARSENAL, filled with psionic matter. It was intended to secure the power of the Vatrox forever at the beginning of the fourth hyper-depression, but things turned out quite differently.

The JULES VERNE escapes the inferno, and reaches the rendezvous point with the allied ships. In consultation with Meruv Tatur and Daors Hapho, it is decided to inform the people of Hathorjan about the destructive actions of the Frequency Monarchy to torpedo any existing and future alliances. In addition, probes are launched to return to the dying Sicatemo system. Last of all, the Posbis must carry the explicit threat by the Monarchy against the Milky Way home.

Meanwhile, Captain Semwat Lenz misses his household robot Coubertin, one of the Sembro class. The machine is not working properly since he had tried to reprogram for his needs. The robot finally turns up again and is checked out, but everything seems fine. Lenz, meanwhile, is a figure of mockery among the crew. He does not care about this and continues the investigation of Coubertin.

After a while, the JULES VERNE begins to evaluate the data from the probes. The scientists assume that the supernova was due to the use of thirteen grams of Psi-matter. Triggered by the Frequency Monarchy the process took place in three phases, namely structural shock, ruptured bubble and hyper-eruption. These must be carefully analyzed in order to resist it, if possible (small amounts of Psi-matter could be taken from the Trafitron drive for it).

Back on DARATO, the projection of Homunk finally presents Rhodan with three boxes from alcoves in the secret room. Two brightly colored ones contain 5.4 picograms of Psi-matter each, while a darker box contains ten grams, which can all be divided as desired with the B-controller. Having said this the projection of Homunk shuts down, although Rhodan would like to know more about ES first. Therefore, the Terran can only suppose that the super-intelligence is still losing mental energy and substance, which he wants to compensate for with the Psi-matter of the PARALOX ARSENAL. Rhodan has the Concept bring him back to MIKRU-JON.

On the ship Mondra Diamond informs him that Grek-11 is withdrawing the fundamentalists from the DARASTO. Moreover, Mikru has determined the position of the Polyport-court. It is one thousand one hundred ninety light years from Gleam in Andro-beta. The result is a new problem, because MIKRU-JON cannot fly through empty space to the Bengar-star cluster due to lack of possibilities for energy tapping. Rhodan decides to use some of the psi-matter to remedy this. The Shadow-Maahks will remain on the court (except for Pral, the Grek-1), as will Akika Urismaki and Perbo Lamonca. And Grek-11 and five other fundamentalists will travel with the MIKRU-JON with the UBSEF-collector / Krathvira soul-trap.

At the launch of the obelisk ship it is recognized that the DARASTO is within range of a gas giant, but not to be located itself. A few days later, it is March twenty-second and MIKRU-JON reaches the target area. A red dwarf is identified there. It must be the trade star. This suddenly flees - and on board the obelisk ship many of its systems fail.

Further data from the probes in the Sicatemo system make the discovery of the fire eye, which consists of psionic matter. Before it floats an obelisk seventy meters long. At first Atlan thinks that the two are connected in some way, maybe the obelisk is a control station for the sun. Atlan finally decides to have the JULES VERNE set course for dying system again. The fire eye suddenly dissolves and the obelisk is carefully brought into the JULES VERNE.

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