2535 - Der Seelen-Kerker
The Soul Prison
Frank Borsch

After a one week flight Sinnafoch reaches the planet Hibernation-6 in Andromeda. He is ordered to Frequency Mediator Cedosmo, who is in command of all the troops of the Frequency Monarchy in this galaxy. Certainly, the old Vatrox does not demote Sinnafoch, because of his failure with the battle for ITHAFOR and his unusual method of return (actually, he should have committed suicide, so that his Vamu could return to the Hibernation world), but the frequency follower is still downgraded to the status of a spaceship commander. He also receives no new war orderly. Sinnafoch feels insulted, but immediately forges new plans. He is convinced to be able to serve the Frequency Monarchy only in a high ranking leadership position. While he fights with his battle light CORRALSO against the Tefroders, who perseveringly refuse to surrender to the Frequency Monarchy, the Okrill Philip is implanted with an inductive cell. In this way the animal gains true intelligence and even learns to speak as time goes by with the help of a thought translator. Philip proves himself to be absolutely faithful to Sinnafoch and would do anything for his master.

When Sinnafoch finds out that the sun of a system settled by the Tefroders was transformed into a supernova (which could have been caused according to his opinion only by a trade star), he uses the favor of the hour. The explosion has shaken the space time structure so that the CORRALSO is cut off from all official communication pathways. Therefore, he is able to convince the on-board computer to grant him access to the naval data bank which is usually taboo for him. Among other things he gets information about two Polyport-courts in Andromeda that have not been conquered yet by the Frequency Monarchy. Sinnafoch is ordered back to Hibernation-6. This time he is not met at all by Cedosmo. His war orderly Vertebris explains Sinnafoch that his unauthorized access was noted, and threatens him with serious consequences if he tries it again.

Sinnafoch forces his first officer, the Okrivar Kruuper (who does not appear to have many skills but possesses in truth, however, special technical talents) to help in his plan. Kruuper hacks into the fleet network. Now Sinnafoch can inform himself extensively about the strategy pursued by Cedosmo, as well as the union of the free races of Andromeda. He discovers that VATROX-CUUR is drawing off large troop units from various battle scenes - including Andromeda - to shift them to Anthuresta where a power vacuum has developed because of a cluster of stars has suddenly become reachable again. Sinnafoch has Kruuper construct a device with which the Vamu can be intercepted and conserved: a soul prison. Devices of this kind are applied in the Frequency Monarchy to prevent the rebirth of the virtually immortal Vatroxes if they have made themselves guilty of an offence.

Sinnafoch now purposely allows his hacking into the fleet network to be discovered. As expected he is again ordered to appear on Hibernation-6. Vertebris meets him and is provoked by Sinnafoch into physically attacking him. But the Okrill, who now always accompanies Sinnafoch, kills the war orderly and some of the accompanying Darturka guards. Sinnafoch kills the others himself. Sinnafoch tracks down Cedosmo and has Phillip kill him. When this happens, his Vamu is trapped in the soul prison, which Sinnafoch had installed in Philip’s collar. Sinnafoch then announces to the fortress that Cedosmo and Vertebris have been entrusted by VATROX-CUUR with new tasks and that the Frequency Mediator had assigned Sinnafoch to take his place as the Commander-in-Chief of the Hathorjan forces. Sinnafoch believes that VATROX-CURR will not be angry with him for his actions because he is doing it for the good of the Frequency Monarchy and the crew believes his lie only too gladly, because Cedosmo was generally unpopular.

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