2534 - Der Gesandte der Maahks
The Envoy of the Maahks
Christian Montillon

When the fundamentalists attack, Ras Tschubai/Fellmer Lloyd teleports the incapacitated Perry Rhodan, as well as his companions and three Shadow-Maahks into the security of the ship MIKRU-JON. There Rhodan is put into a Medo-tank in which his heavy combustion wounds are healed within the shortest time. Suddenly a transfer chimney activates itself. Only a single guest arrives: the Halftrack-Changeure Akika Urismaki. He has survived the extinction or the exodus of his people into the Aphanur demimonde, because he was traveling in the Halftrack-domain at the time. He is therefore the last of his kind in this universe. His single aim now consists in fighting against the Frequency Monarchy. The Maahks prepare to capture him, but Ras/Fellmer also brings him into the ship besieged by the fundamentalists. The Maahks appear ready to negotiate again. It is arranged, that the upcoming arrival of an envoy of the decentralized monitoring authority will be waited for.

During the wait, Mondra Diamond and Akika exchange experiences. Rhodan is in a kind of coma, but his senses are extremely sharpened so that he can hear everything that is spoken outside of the tank. He even believes to be able to perceive Mondra’s thoughts. The Halftrack Changeure examines the controller that Rhodan had received from ES. Akika recognizes that it is a Class-B controller, and therefore is an incredibly valuable and moreover extremely rare instrument - even the Halftrack Changeures possessed only a single copy, but that one is now lost. With the B controller, local Polyport-courts can be transferred to new locations. Moreover it perhaps also enables restricted access to the trade stars. Now Mondra is in a position to pressure the fundamentalists. She demonstrates to the Grek-1 of the fundamentalists that she has DARASTO under her complete control, so that she could destroy all the Maahks whenever she desires. Grek-1 must guarantee the Galactics full freedom of movement in the court now.

On March 14, 1463 NGE, shortly after Rhodan leaves the tank, Grek-11, the envoy of the decentralized supervision authority arrives. Rhodan is in a position to negotiate on an even level with him. He wrings out a period of two years for him to evacuate every single Shadow-Maahk from Andromeda. If this should succeed it, the fundamentalists will supposedly renounce eradicating the Shadows. Rhodan asks moreover for one of the Krathvira soul traps that he considers might be a useful weapon against the Frequency Monarchy. The wish is granted him, but only under the condition that exclusively Maahks will operate the device. Rhodan also learns of the activities of the Galactic fleet in Andromeda. The fundamentalists are ready to fight together with the Galactics against the Frequency Monarchy.

Meanwhile Akika has won new insights. Only one of the twenty-two Polyport-courts in Andromeda was not conquered yet by the Frequency Monarchy, carries it the name DARWAG. In addition, there are six courts, that are not indicated in the Polyport network. These yards are somehow "different". Rhodan assumes that a connection could exist with the six hibernation worlds of the Frequency Monarchy in Andromeda and also with the Stardust system, for in the hall of the Galactic Riddle, one cartouche had a representation of Andromeda with six emphasized points. The approximate locations of the six courts can be determined with this. Moreover there is a secret room in DARASTO that lies behind a massive metal wall. This opens only when Rhodan approaches it; Mondra had tried earlier with no success. Rhodan and Ras/Fellmer enter the room. The B controller activates itself and brings up a flood of Holos. Then a voice sounds...

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