2533 - Reise in die Niemandswelt
Journey into the World of Nobody
Wim Vandemaan

Mondra Diamond cannot believe that Perry Rhodan is supposed to be dead. Because the least remnants of his body are not to be found, she clinches to the hope that he has been transported somehow to an unknown location. From the fundamentalists who appear to be friendly disposed again she gets the permission to look in the Polyport-court for him. Ras Tschubai/Fellmer Lloyd, Grek-363, Perbo Lamonca and Ramoz accompany her. The first indications bring them to the Berach Puofanii - these strange beings find a trace of Rhodan and a group of Shadow-Maahks which are hiding deep inside of DARASTO. Diamond send Grek-363, Lamonca and Ramoz back to the ship while she and Ras follow the trail. When the companions arrive there, they find Rhodan’s partly charred body. His consciousness has been conserved para-mechanically. Shadow-Maahk medics are trying to save him, but it seems as if the Terran has not decided yet whether he wants to live on or die...

In fact, Rhodan’s consciousness has entered another realm with the help of the Maahks, as they have stabilized his consciousness with the help of a reflection field. It finds itself in a kind of parallel world which seems to be a negative reflection of the real world. In his bungalow at Goshun Lake Rhodan meets his butler who accompanies him, to among other places the Irene Lieplich Station on Jupiter. Gradually Rhodan understands that he is in unreal surroundings created by his own spirit. The butler turns out to be none other than the Grek-1 that Rhodan had met in OROLOGION, a Polyport-court in the galaxy Diktyon. This Shadow-Maahk now carries the proper name Pral and was the one who saved Rhodan during the explosion on the execution platform, which he accomplished only with the aid of the vital energy given off by Rhodan’s cell activator chip. Rhodan learns that his consciousness has also split in two. His “dark side”, driven by a lust for power, has made itself independent and does not want to leave this so-called nobody world again. The "dark Perry Rhodan" feels absolutely happy in this meta-reality world created and controlled by him.

Rhodan perceives a kind of net which pulls through all of Andromeda. Pral explains that this is a kind of transport system set up by the Frequency Monarchy for the Vamu. It is partly based on the natural Psionic Net and can also be used by the Shadow-Maahks. In this network is at least one trade star, but Pral assumes the fact that this partly psi-material object has been burned out, possibly by VATROX-VAMU. Rhodan also sees a black whirlpool in space, which seem to be dangerous to him. Pral also has an explanation ready for this. The whirlpool is a weapon system of the fundamentalists, soul traps that they call Krathvira, which is meant to prevent the Shadow-Maahks from using their special abilities. This is what killed Grek-259. Rhodan and Pral make an agreement. The Terran wants to help the Shadow-Maahks in the battle against the Krathvira, but for this purpose his body must first be saved. DARASTO is the last refuge of the Shadow-Maahks from Diktyon, because meanwhile, almost the Polyport-Courts there have been conquered by the Frequency Monarchy.

After Rhodan manages to trick his “Dark half” into merging with him again, Rhodan’s consciousness returns to its hardly viable body. Mondra notes this with relief, but the joy does not last long, because the fundamentalists have tricked her. Mondra’s search for Rhodan was only allowed because they have rightly supposed that this would also lead to the last Shadow-Maahks and they somehow kept track of Mondra. Now they attack to finally extinguish the shadow-Maahks…

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