2532 - Michael Marcus Thurner
Death of a Maahk
Tod eines Maahks

The Polyport-court DARASTO in Andromeda, which Perry Rhodan and his companions as well as the disassembled spaceship MIKRU-JON have reached, is the scene of violent fighting between Shadow and fundamentalist Maahks. Though the fundamentalists do not behave especially friendly towards the newcomers (they immediately state their intention to take possession of MIKRU-JON), Rhodan nevertheless manages to meet with their commander Grek-1. Grek-1 reports that the Maahks are protecting their survival after the millenniums of battle and pursuit by recently organizing along the lines of decentralization. There is no single main world or such anymore, but many single ethnic groups, as well as generation spaceships that are flying to other galaxies. Only the decentralized supervision authority still has the grand overview, but nobody knows who belongs to it and where it is. Grek 1 provides no information about the Shadow-Maahks. A member of the decentralized supervision authority is supposed to soon arrive at DARASTO and decide on the destiny of the Terrans.

Rhodan has no intention of waiting that long. Though he still does not completely trust the being made of an amalgam of Ras Tschubai and Fellmer Lloyd that ES has provided him with (he theorizes that it is not even the real consciousness of his former friends at all, but copies), he still makes use of the Concept’s Psi-abilities. He has himself teleported into different areas of the court, while Lloyd is checking telepathically. They hunt down the Shadow-Maahk Grek-363 who is accompanied by the slightly simple-minded Acronis Perbo Lamonca. Grek-363 tells him that the fundamentalists are pitilessly pursuing the Shadow-Maahks in all of Andromeda. Until recently, DARASTO had been in the possession of the Shadow-Maahks, however, now the fundamentalists have taken over this shelter. The Shadow-Maahks had no chance, because they renounce force as far as possible. Grek-363 states that he can utilize DARASTO for the Terrans with Rhodan’s class A-controller if he can only succeed in reaching a central control desk.

Ras can help there. Three of them teleport into the Polyport-court control room. Grek-363 immediately begins the manipulation of a switching console. However, Ras teleports with Grek-363 and Rhodan back in MIKRU-JON before the end of the reprogramming, because Fellmer recognized that Grek-363 wants to tear full control of DARASTO to himself and pursue his own goals. Grek must admit that he wants to expel the fundamentalists and save his companion Grek-259, who is being held prisoner by the enemy. Now Rhodan also finds out that Grek-363 is a female Maahk. Obviously it has also become clear to the fundamentalists that Rhodan is working with the Shadow-Maahks, because they are preparing a trap. Grek-259 is to be executed. As the other inhabitants of DARASTO, who come from the most varied races, suddenly and unexpectedly begin a desperate attack on the fundamentalists, Rhodan and his companions seize the opportunity. Ras teleports Rhodan and Grek to the execution platform. However, Grek 259 appears to be quite dead. It comes to a gun battle. Rhodan believes to feel his body being torn apart in a massive explosion.

Grek-363 and Ras teleport back to MIKRU-JON. Nothing remains of Rhodan and Grek-259 that can be retrieved….

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