2531 - Das Fanal
The Beacon
Marc A. Herren

Since the cabinetization of Drorah by the Terminal Column, something has changed in Akonian society. The power base of the Energy Command focused upon isolation does not exist any longer. Together with the Akonian home world nearly the entire old aristocracy disappeared, so that this social class also lost its influence. The Akones have certainly pulled closer to the other Milky Way races in the Galacticum, but it is still unclear, in which direction this splintered people, who have avoided the location of their greatest defeat for decades, will develop in the long run. Fragmentary groups like the TRAITOR-Hunters and the remnants of the aristocracy are plotting something. The Akon governing council has also been pursuing a top secret project for a long time, whose goal is not known to Reino tan Vitar, the head of the Energy Command. He meets with Ronald Tekener, the deputy head of the New USO on March 6, 1463 NGE in a casino on Adeksion. He uses this meeting to fake his death and then be able to work behind the scenes with the USO. The plan runs off runs differently than planned, because an unknown group interferes. It comes to a shooting, with which a chance acquaintance of Tekenerís is killed. This experience sits heavily upon the Smilerís shoulders, because he feels responsible for the death of the young woman.

From tan Vitar Tekener learns that the sun Akon became unstable from the Terminal Columnís attack and will eventually go nova. In a few days Narvan tan Ra-Osar, the Akonian Ma'tam, is going to make a secret government project public. Dignitaries of all the Galactic races are invited into the Akon system for this purpose. One of them is Alaska Saedelaere, whom Tekener asks to support him and tan Vitar with their investigations. The mask bearer had disappeared after the departure of TRAITOR for ninety-five years long and told nobody what he had experienced in all that time. He has since then been carrying out investigations in the Waringer Academy and often confers with NATHAN. Tek found out that Alaska is particularly interested in the twelve former hypercocoons and the departure of the Motanas to Ahandaba. Alaska believes, that the event to occur in the Akon system could be an indication of changes, which he has expected since the time of his absence, and therefore agrees to help Tekener.

On March twenty-fifth it is time. Representatives of all the important Milky Way races meet with their spaceships in the Akon system. Bostich and Reginald Bull are personally there. Even ships of the Linguides and the Solmothes come. The sister ship of the LEMCHA OVIR also appears. The Ma'tam announces that the time of isolation is past. The Akonian race is ready to co-operate in partnership with the Galactic commonwealth of nations. A signal must be set, which will remind all of the 1.5 billion Akonians that disappeared ( and considered dead) with Drorah. Thereupon thirty-eight moons of the gas giant Yrsah explode and form characters. Against the background of the giant planet the nameĒ Drorah ď is now to be read. But that is not yet everything. The plan intends that Yrsah will be transformed by purposeful manipulation involving Situation transmitters into a second sun, by which Akon will be stabilized again. The four larger moons of Yrsah are to be shifted first to another place. Alaska, Tek and tan Vitar observe the procedure from a guidance station.

But something goes wrong: The four moons remain where they are. Strangers manipulate the process and ensure the fact that further gas giants of the Blue system collide with Yrsah. They are to be shifted afterwards to Akon, so that the sun becomes a supernova within the shortest time. This Akon beacon is meant as an accusation against the Galacticum, which did not manage to protect Drorah at that time against TRAITOR. At the same time it is to be made impossible for the Akones to ever return again to their home system. That way they will be driven back into isolation. And not least, as many of the present dignitaries as possible will die in the process.

It is clear that only Achati Uma can be behind the attack, and that the terrorists must be steering everything from the sister ship of the LEMCHA OVIR, where a Situation transmitter must be located. Task forces of the Energy Command and the USO storm the tender. Tek and tan Vitar follow them, while Alaska stays in the guidance station. He wants to try to stop the program. Tek stops Simul tan Harol, whom he identifies and personally kills as responsible for the death of the young woman on Adeksion. IN the end the boarding crew stops the disaster from occurring by shutting down the Situation transmitter aboard the vessel.

Meanwhile the gas planets and moons collide with one another, but not with Akon. Fortunately, all the moons had been warned early enough to be evacuated. As originally planned, a second sun appears in eth Blue system, which stabilizes the stellar structure. The fact that everything runs safely is to be owed to the close co-operation of the Akonian and other Galactic - above all Arkonide - scientists. Narvan tan Ra-Osar uses this circumstance to make a second speech. The separatists have seemed to accomplish exactly the opposite of what they wanted to obtain, and the homeland system of the Akonen could soon again be settled.

With the hope that the old enmity between Akones and Arkonides are now settled, Tek and Alaska return to the LEIF ERIKSSON IV. The Smiler works through the feelings that his experiences have stirred up, by putting everything down in writing. The mask bearer, meanwhile, wants to continue his research in Terrania. He believes that something is going to happen very soon now...

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