2530 - Der Oxtorner und die Mehandor
The Oxtorner and the Mehandor
Frank Borsch

Sinnafoch, Steelion Hartok and Philip have escaped from Oxtorne with a damaged space jet. Reginald Bull has lost their trail. They are taken up by Mehandors of the UHLM kinship and truthfully portray themselves as seekers. Patriarch Vandur and his crippled daughter Kithara do not trust the newcomers, but grant them sanctuary in the UHLM, the only ship of their kinship. The spaceship is almost two thousand eight hundred meters long and was extended over time by each Patriarch. Vandur is old and notices how his influence in the kinship is shrinking. Kithara, a woman with the body of an infant and head of an adult, is his only trusted confidant.

Sinnafoch uses his gift of Para-skulkling and the Okrill Philipís superior forces to conquer the Main Bridge of the UHLM. They take some hostages, among others Vandurís son Yemin. However, Vandur can block the shipís controls. Sinnafoch wants to force Vandur to fly the UHLM to a certain point but the Patriarch cannot afford to show weakness. He wins the agreement of his kinship, when he calls for an attack. Unfortunately the attack fails - and Vandur also falls into Sinnafochís hands. Now nothing remains for the Mehandors, but to head for the given goal: The planet Oaghonyr, once the main world of the superintelligence ARCHETIM and today still the location of ARCHETIMíS CRECHE.

On the way Hartok, who has unconditionally followed Sinnafoch so far, notices a strange change occurring in him. Something inside seems to want follow the urge to give away the shipís position to the League by hyperradio and betray Sinnafoch. Kithara observes the occurrence in the protection of a deflector and eggs on his conscience. The Oxtorner finally sends the message, and when the UHLM reaches the Oa-system, it is met by Bullís LEIF ERIKSSON IV. Sinnafoch, however, still plays the one trump card up his sleeve: A DC Battle Light appears. The Terran Ultra-carrier ship is not able to stand against it, so Bull must flee.

When Sinnafoch wants to shift over to the battle light with a ship's boat, Kithara attacks him, but Philip overpowers her. Sinnafoch wants to kill her, but this sight brings Hartokís conditioning to finally collapse. He tries to shoot at Sinnafoch but the Vatrox again uses the ability of Para-skulking to defeat him. Sinnafoch finally leaves the UHLM with Philip, but leaves Hartok and the Springers alive.

In the aftermath, Vandur gives up his position as Patriarch and Kithara becomes the new head of the kinship, having been the only one to find the courage to stand up against Sinnafoch. Meanwhile, Hartok leaves the League Service in order to find himself again. The Oxtorner and the Mehandor fly into the unknown with a space jet provided by Reginald Bull as a parting gift and apology for the botched up conditioning Hartok had received.

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