253 - Vorstoß in die Dunkelwelt
Venture Into The Dark World
H.G. Ewers


Rhodan simulates a nuclear accident on Ollura in order to fool possible Masters of the Islands spies there. The plan works : three ships appear to examine examine Ollura, and leave. Rhodan decides not to stay around. Respecting the promise he made to Kalak, the Terrans set on a search for other stations built by the Galactic Engineers. According to Kalak, another station might have escaped to the Masters of the Islands by hiding in a nearby gas nebula. The Khrest III follows his directions and finds the Emerald system. On its second planet, covered with a thick forest, they find a wrecked station. The jungle turns out being a unique vegetal being capable of thought, who captures Rhodan and some other Terrans.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

On January 23, 2404, two days after the KHREST III left Ollura, vessels controlled by the "Masters of the Island" visit the Ollus System. On the demand of Kalak, the flagship of Perry Rhodan leaves for a green sun in the middle of a nebula. For eight hundred years, a planet orbiting this sun was the shelter of a platform of the Paddlers. Before the KHREST III arrives in the nebula named Hades a cylindrical vessel is located. Aboard are the remains of a humanoid being whose body is covered with plant tumors.

Captain Finch Eyseman operates the corvette KC-15 inside of the nebula. It lands on Bengal, the second planet of the sun Emerald. On Bengal they are welcomed by Ollok, the master of the OL-Helpful platform shop where his people have, for nearly three hundred years, battled against a collective plant intelligence reigning in the jungle. Among the plant creatures of Bengal are the Botas, hideously transformed Paddlers.

The KC-15 crashes. The survivors fall to the power of the plant creatures with the exception of Pucky and Baar Lun. They call the KHREST III in vain for help.

Michael P. Mahoney

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