2528 - Transmitter-Roulette
Christian Montillon

The New USO is still investigating the TRAITOR Hunters. A hot trace leads to the Achati Uma (AU), a powerful Akonian company that sells transmitters everywhere in the Milky Way. There is an unambiguous correspondence between the activities of the AU and assassination attempts by the TRAITOR Hunters. In ninety percent of all the cases the AU was had visited the respective planet shortly before. After Ronald Tekener brings the two Mor'Daers and the Ganschkare which were saved by the USO on Zorbar II to a secret asylum planet, he tries to reach the environment of the AU company head Simul tan Harol undercover. In the identity of special investigator Aerga Egrega from the planet Neann Ocis he gets access to the LEMCHA OVIR, the mobile headquarters of the AU. He is supposedly there to solve a murder that was camouflaged as a transmitter accident the fact that the transmitter involved was sold by the AU, is the single true detail is in this freely invented story.

In the LEMCHA OVIR, a five thousand two hundred meter long spaceship in the form of an halved ellipsoid whose construction reminds one of the artificial world Wanderer and that has been beautified on its surface by the Akones in memory of their destroyed home world Drorah, Tekener alias Egrega works with the AU security chief Belar tan Picas. This man must care for the smooth expiration of an important event: on February 20, 1463 NGE the newly developed chrysalis transmitter is to be presented to the public in the Virth system. These devices combine the functional manner of cage and arch transmitters, in a small device that has a range of five light years - a sensation for post hyperimpedance shock conditions. When Tekener tries in secret to enter the protected areas of the ship, he is attacked by three Akones and wounded. Belar tan Picas intervenes in the last second and saves the life of Tekener/Egrega. Two of the assassins are captured, while one is killed by Tekener/Efrega with a knife in the throat.

Belar tan Picas orders the trails of blood examined and finds out in this way that Egrega is actually a Terran. Nevertheless, he trusts him, because not later than when the assassins are murdered in their cell, it is fixed that something is rotten aboard the LEMCHA OVIR. He uses his high ranking code to get himself and Egrega entry to an area of the enormous ship which is normally taboo for even him. There the two find a hangar in which a battle cruiser stands and which is fitted out with a Situation transmitter. This makes it clear how the TRAITOR Hunters could attack form out of nowhere and disappear again afterwards without a trace. Simul tan Harol and some of his people discover the intruders and attack. Belar tan Picas calls over reinforcements. The TRAITOR Hunters flee and arrange a bloodbath when they fight their way out into the middle of the running off presentation, in order to use the chrysalis transmitter to escape. Only Simul tan Harol succeeds in this. Audemo tan Pinfrari, one of his accomplices, stays behind dying. With his last words he announces that the Akon-Torch cannot be stopped any more.

Two days later Tekener and Monkey discuss the newest events. Certainly, the USO confiscated the LEMCHA OVIR, but there is a sister ship which possibly still serves the TRAITOR Hunters as a base too. Nevertheless, Monkey can report that the Galacticum plans to award the descendants of the Terminal Column born in the Milky Way full civil rights.

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